Lausanne Marathon

Yesterday was a lovely warm sunny autumn day in Lausanne. The mountains on the other side of the lake were covered in a fresh layer of snow. The conditions were perfect for a marathon.

The marathon course is an out and back course that follows the northern shore of Lake Geneva. The road is sandwiched between the lake shore, the railway line and the vineyard of this part of Switzerland. The scenery was stunning as the vines were displaying their golden autumn colours.

Having me an old running friend before the start we decided to pace each other to half way and see how we were fairing. Perhaps not the best strategy but a comfortable out run saw me placed 486th at the half in a time of 1:37:37.

The return run I must say was not as comfortable and with 5 miles to go my legs had all but given out. I what should have been a very sure 3:45 marathon was becoming a fight to make 4hrs.

I was not sure if my legs would hold out the the finish, however with friends popping up here and there and giving me all the encouragement they could I kept digging in harder and harder. Eventually the long finish straight appeared and the clock stopped at 3:59:08.1.

You all missed a suberbly organised event. As well as bottled water every 5km there was fruit, isostar, and sponges. The organisers also put on a half marthon, starting at the mid point of the marthon, so all the runners were trained to their start; a Quarter marathon; a kids 4km; a run for fun 5km; inline skate half marathon, and a wheelchair half.

This was the 10th running of this event, definately one for the future. I am sure the Lamb will put a report on for the half marathon.


  • Excellent SB, I bet you're really chuffed. Respect
  • Well done SB - the 1:37:37 sound a bit quick for the first half - did you go off too fast?

    Congratulations on breaking 4 hours.
  • Bravo! Sounds lovely. From my experiences yesterday (waterbeach half) my respect for anybody who can complete a marathon, let alone break 4hrs has gone sky high. I should not have wished to run another mile.
  • Hi Martin I think It was a bit quick for the amount of stamia training I have done, I would like to see if I can get myself up to keeping this pace for the whole distance, this is my challenge for London now.

    London is definately a lot easier course!!!
  • SB

    Brilliant, well done - the setting and organisation sound excellent too.

    So 3:45 the next target? :-)


    PS I heven't forgotten the Edniburgh information, I keep missing the man I need to speak to
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Top result SB , sounds a great course and event.Maybe see you next year ???

    Agree with Martin that maybe you went off a bit too quick! 1.37 is an impressive halfM time not to mention on the way to a marathon!

    Well done again on the sub4
  • Great result SB, and you must be very happy to have broken a significant barrier, especially on your "home" course.

    It does sound a nice change to the urban runs I normally do, next year perhaps....

  • Fantastic time, many congrats Swiss Bobby. You've definitely raised the profile of Lausanne marathon too!

    How are you feeling today? Not too tired I hope.
  • Glad you made it Swiss, even if the rest of us couldn't (wouldn't, shouldn't.)

    See you at FLM p'haps.
  • Thanks LL, I am feeling very well this morning, all my colleagues have been asking how is went. They are very supportive. At London earlier this year they had all gone to find my time before I got back to the office on the Tuesday.

    The legs are a little still a little stiff, but otherwise no ill effects.
  • Congrats SB - sub 4 and a all that work on the website too. How do you do it?
  • Murf,
    I have a very understanding boss.
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