Training partner req'd

Hi. Looking for someone to train with. I live in London in SW15. I am training for the Windsor Half Marathon at the moment and hopefully I get into The London Marathon next year ! We'll see.


  • Hi Frances,

    I'm in training for the Bristol half on the 22nd of Sept. What sort of runs are you doing and when. I presume you go running through/around Richmond park?


  • Frances
    I am also in SW15, what sort of pace do you run at?
  • Hi Paul and Wonder Woman. I run along the towpath and Richmond Park, sometimes Wimbledon Common. I run a 10k in 55 mins or so. At the moment all I am doing is 4m 3 times a week and then a long run on the weekend. Which is 60mins at the moment and to be increased by 10 mins each week. It's a simple plan I picked up on the net. I also weight train twice a week.
  • Hello again,

    I ran a 10k 6 weeks ago in 46 mins. My training runs add up to about 20 to 25 miles a week.

    I also do a long run at the weekend and 3 or 4 4 mile runs during the week. I try to run one of them just below my best 10k pace.
  • My best 10k is 44 mins, I did the marathon earlier this year but at the moment just running shorter distances (did a 5k race yesterday). I run with a local club 2 days a week (you might be interested in joining - there is a good range of abilities and it is very friendly. Email me if you're interested!
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    If you guys are running long runs at Richmond Park, I'd like to join you sometimes? I am training for the Nottingham half marathon, and my 10k times are about the same as Frances.

    Wonderwoman, did you do the Wimbledon/Surrey 5k yesterday? I did, and the hill in it killed my legs today as I cycled to work. How did you do in your 5k?

  • I like to do a 1 hour + run either Sat/Sun in Rickmond Park and I try to get there as early as 8am. If any of you would like to do a run then email me and lets get jogging!
  • Great, sounds like there are a few of us in the area! I'd like to do a longer run in Richmond Park at the weekend if one is being organised (although I'm afraid 8am is a little early for me at a weekend!). Am also interested in week runs on a tue/thur either early or after work.

    Annajo - yes did the Wimbledon 5k - it was awful ! (have done it before and was dreading it as hate the course!) Did it in 21:50ish, not very impressed but I guess it was a hilly(!!) course. How did you do?

    I do think they could have provided a small cup of water at the end! Very stingy..
  • Frances - my club does a Richmond Park run the first Sunday of every month - meeting at the Kingston Gate car park for a 9am start.

    I'm sure no-one would mind if you tagged along - we're a friendly bunch :o)

  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    Wonder Woman, I almost enjoyed the 5k, I think (afterwards!) but thats likely to be my selective memory kicking in!

    That hill was terrible, I've never done a race that had a hill in it that long - actually probably have but doesn't seem like it at the moment. And at the finish I was skidding about all over the place trying to do my little sprint finish, and nearly fell flat on my bum!

    I went around in 25:40, so you did better than me! Believe it or not, I ran a PB! But then I havent done a 5k for three years and my PB was based on my halfway split in a 10k. Depressingly, I know the winner, and he ran the course over 10 minutes faster than me.

    Iain, what club do you run with?

  • I know what you mean - I can't understand how someone can run 5k in 15 mins. There's no way I could physically make my legs go round that fast, even for 10 metres!!! I only got persuaded to run it to make up a ladies team - then we only had 2 runners anyway so I could have stayed in bed! Oh well. But it was good to run in the sunshine for a change!

    I think I need to enter another half marathon - more my sort of distance! I'm just not built to run fast..

    Which club are you with?
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    Im with Epsom and Ewell, amazingly we had enough people for two ladies teams! It was quite a good day clubwise actually, I might go training with the girls there a little more often, I never do at the moment.

    What club do you run for?

    I know the feeling about the 5k being too short, I always start off slow in a race and wind it up a bit as I go, but there isn't enough time for me to do that in a 5k. And there was no way I was starting that race quickly - just getting up the hill was ok for me! I passed someone walking up it on the first lap, which was quite an ego boost, but then I got passed by a million other people on my first run up it. Not such an ego boost!

    Your time was pretty good, wasn't it? I am a little way off 21 minutes. I only beat 13 people in the end!

  • Anna

    I'm with Sheen - we are a pretty small club anyway and I think some of the ladies were put off by rumours of running up a big hill to start with! Still, it has to be good for the fitness. I laughed at the start when we were warned not to take directions from random passers by (clearly they have had problems in previous years!).

    My time is ok but I seem to have reached a 'plateau' and I'm not improving too much! Plus my time for longer distances implies I should be running 5k faster - but the legs are not willing!

    Do you know where I could find the results at all? Also keen to see where we ended up in the Surrey Road League!!

    Will you be running in the 5k relays in mid Sept? We hope to get a ladies team in for that....

  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    I have a feeling the 5k relays are going to be the same weekend as either the Nottingham half marathon (15th sept) or the Kingston 8 miler (22nd sept i think)?

    The results - pass! They might be on the Belgrave site, or the surrey athletics site, but bearing in mind that on Sunday they were giving out the prizes for the Surrey Road League 10k (Dysart Dash, weeks ago!) I wouldn't hold my breath... I have put my name down to be sent the results, I could let you know when I have received them if you like, and could send them onto you.

  • Anna - thanks, that would be good regarding the results. Maybe see you at Kingston (provided it doesn't clash with relays) as I was keen to do that one too.
  • Sorry to be alarmist, fellow SW Londoners, but in case you haven't heard there was a nasty and violent attack on a lone woman on Wimbledon Common a week or so ago - on the popular bit by the Fox and Grapes, on a Tuesday lunchtime. The police think that it is the same rapist who attacked a woman on Putney Heath back in April. I'm certainly being a bit more careful about my (v. slow) runs in SW15/SW19. Again, sorry to be alarmist, but thought it was worth a mention.
  • Thanks Trickle - I had seen that in the Evening Standard last week. Depressing - one of my regular routes is along Putney Heath. There are so many lovely green spaces in the area but instead you feel you have to stick to smelly roads to feel safe. There were also the attacks on the Roehampton Estate which is worryingly close to Richmond Park. Where do you run to feel safe?
  • Hadn't heard about the Roehampton ones. That's not good - but at least Richmond park is normally pretty busy. I end up running round and round the Merton Park and South Park areas - at least the pavements are mostly asphalt rather than concrete and there's not too much traffic. I love running on the common but have now become paranoid, and Wimbledon Village has too many hills for my poor legs.....
  • Hello everyone! Sorry that I have not reponded. I have just returned from Cuba and am ready to get fit again! I still have 2 more weeks of summer hols so I am relaxed about time and place for meeting up for a run. Please let me know and I will be there! Take care and have fun.
  • Wonder Woman -

    I know this thread is pretty ancient by now, but it was interesting to read you guys talking about running in the area which is mine as well (though shocked at all the stories of attacks and so forth - it's not as idyllic a part of the world as it seems!). I'm looking for a running club and you mentioned Sheen which would be perfect for me - do you recommend it and if so where can I find details? many thanks. s.
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