IM Cairns - June 2020

During one of the more sensible conversations at IM Lanza, and after much talk about doing IM WA in Busselton at some point, a plan was hatched for a Pirate outing to IM Cairns in 2020. Theory being it's the middle of the year (currently June), where WA is December, so better weather for training in the UK and lines up with UK school holidays for those that have to worry about such things. Also time to save up for airfares etc.

It's the start of winter in Oz but Cairns is far enough north that it's still pretty balmy up there. Not sure which airlines fly there direct but Cairns has an international airport, and as a small place the race pretty takes over the town, so great atmosphere.

I did it in 2012, signed up for Challenge Cairns but IM bought out the local organising company so it was Ironman Cairns by race day. The course has changed a few times, and this year again is a split transition. The swim and T1 are a few miles north of Cairns, T2 and race finish are in Cairns, so some logistical challenges to rack up and on race day. If there's a few of us a hire car might be helpful. It's also a rolling swim start, as Port Macq has been the last 2 years.

Read all about it here:

And WA/Busselton is here.

So, who's in?




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