Mince Pie 10



  • You and everyone else methinks.
  • You might freeze your pernickity butt off if you don't!
  • Allegedly -5 wind chill factor!!!!!! Nice!
  • Apart from being cold and a little damp, I thought this mornings race was good fun. Is that the view from others? I saw you Pernickity, you were a little ahead of me at the start..would have yelled but was having problem with HRM settling down and din't want to peak too soon! My time was 1:16:19. How did everyone else do?
  • Well done Cheeky, far faster than me. 1hr 53 for me, but I got round and didn't suffer. It wasn't too cold either, in fact just right for running I thought. Testing course and I liked those hills, short and sharp, much better than long pulls.

    Even managed to go for right clothing, which makes a change. Didn't see any of you, but lots of tall thin men in shorts, always worrying!!I did think that last mile went on forever. I thought I had missed the turning at one point. But good to see cheerful and supportive marshalls.
  • Dips, I agree with you, weather was pretty spot on. I thought the mile markers were slightly suspect and I never saw the one for 8...It is amazing how many people still run in shorts and a vest on these days, maybe its me, but I had tights, long sleeve and hat on!!! Like to keep warm! I agree with you Dips, thought the marshalls did a brilliant job and plenty of them!

    Do you know if they post the results anywhere or send them or otherwise?

    Do any of you shop at RUN or know Kurt? He won it today in under an hour apparently! That's definitely going some, especially on that course!
  • Mmmmmm know the RUN shop well, fast mover that Kurt!! Can just about manage a 10k in that time!!!

    I saw mile markers up to the 3 mile then nothing until 8 and 9. Infact saw the 9 on the way out too. Not sure about the results, will keep an eye on their website.

    Nice gentle women only race next week, Worthing Seafront if you know any females who may be interested.
  • That was a little too muddy for me -- I should have worn my old shoes! Ended up running it in about 1hr 43 or 44.
    Just missed the start by seconds. That was me on the left that everyone ran past at the beginning. I joined in at the end of the group. Hadn't adjusted my shoes properly (because I wasn't ready for the start) so had to stop after about a mile and tighten them up. Otherwise had a good run. The joy of being at the back as passing people as you run and being in front of them at the finish.
    What were the little slips of paper being handed out at the end? I finished right behind someone and didn't get one.
  • I found this hilly run quite challenging; add in the sharp temperature and slippery surfaces, and you couldn't deny you hadn't had a good blow.

    After a heavy training week with 25 miles in the last four days, I settled for jogging round today - think it was about 90 mins., but really was just pleased to get my mince pie and have a shower, then home to a warm house and sofa.

    Well organised & cheerful marshalls (I saw all the mile markers) - nice little running club.
  • BTW - the bits of paper being given out were the spot prizes.
  • After just watching Sports Personality of the Year and seeing it go to Paula Radcliffe, It's enough to make you want to go and do it all again....Well, maybe not tonight!

    Looks like everyone had a good run today....I think that's it for this year apart from a couple of ladies races...
  • hhmmn - 'apart from a couple of ladies races'.

    I can see now why you've called yourself 'Cheeky' - don't you think you'll be rumbled in the post race shower?

  • I did it! I actually finished my first race!

    I'm so proud - even if it did take me 1hr and 50something minutes. apparently results will be on their web site today sometime.

    Well done everyone that finished.
  • This was your first race??

    You clearly don't believe in easing your way into life's little challenges then Elaine.
  • Twas a fun run - the old fatboy came in at 90 mins and even put a sprint (well slightly faster waddle) at the end to overtake an older fella who I'd been tracking for 4 miles. For us heavyweights that steep hill was tough and then the long drag to 7 miles into the wind but after that was a "breeze". Definitely didn't see all the mile markers, marshalls were excellent and encouraging, only down side was the tepid shower after. Good run.
  • Well managed to complete my first 10 mile. Thought it was quite challenging even though I live in Peacehaven wasn't expecting it to be that muddy!

    Does anyone know of any other runs in the county? looking to beat my modest time of 1hr 31m!
  • Cheers PB. Have got magazine but a) haven't got around to reading it and b) I find it doesn't list all the races e.g. didn't have yeaterday's race in it.

    Got a real buzz for running in another muddy race, shall look where you've suggested, may just find one not too far away.
  • Elaine, you came in just behind me, if fact I have to admit it was me that overtook you on the last downhill road stretch, 8-9 mile.
    But then you overtook me earlier!! Well done anyway.

    I enjoyed the course, I do a bit of training up round there so it was familiar, although it was not so muddy when I last ran up there. However, after last week's Duckpond this was a doddle on the muddy front.

    Well done everyone else, don't think I will ever be fast, but pleased to have got round and not in last place!!

    Cheeky am I looking out for you in Worthing next week? In drag?? Christmas Cracker 5/10k if any females are interested.

    Sean, there is a boxing day run in Preston Park, 4/5miles, enter on the day if you are interested. Apart from that I don't think there is any local ones left until New Year.
  • Dips, I did wonder if that was you passing me and leaving me well behind - well done, I couldn't even hope to keep up with you but at least I could see another runner for most of the last couple of miles, I didn't feel quite so alone and lost. Well done you looked in much better condition than me!

    Think I will train a bit more before my next race but very much doubt I will improve my time.

    Have to say that the marshalls were all brilliant and very encouraging - thanks to the unknown lady marshall at the end who helped to improve my pace a little bit at the end. Nice mince pies too...
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