I want some girlie tights

but is it worth my even trying? When they say 'cut for a womanly shape', does that mean a nipped in waist?

coz mine isn't, you see.


  • Can you get tights with four legs and paws ? ;)
  • GodzillaGodzilla ✭✭✭
    go for it Jj - i look obscene (seriously tight in the bits department) in aything but tracksters, but women tend to get a better end of the deal when it comes to tights i think
  • JJ,
    I like my newline ones... (ok, I'm a bloke.... but the stripe on 'em is nice....)
  • i had some concurve ones from sweatshop

    navy blue, with turquoise stripe
    and in the sale
  • tights? cmon jj, let it all hang out (just stay behind me)
  • Hipps - I saw those and they're lovely - but your figure is more womanly than mine!

    Mercs - you're a nut

    Stick-Leg - I shall probably have to resort to chaps' stuff

    'zilla - what can I say? ;o)

    Eddum - [slap!]
  • I have some really nice black Nike ones which don't have stripes but they are flattering! They weren't cheap though.

    I also wear Ron Hill Tracksters when the above in wash, don't really like them!
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    Jj, Adidas is your brand
  • why, José?
  • I saved myself pounds and I look great.

    I just painted my legs black and added a red and blue stripe, the fit is so ,so close.

    Just think about it you can change the stripe any time you want, infact I may even get a stencil and who know where it might end.

    woof woof
  • JJ I have a really nice pair of Nike navy tights with a green stripe - my favourites and I don't have the tiny girly waist and curvy hips - just sort of straight down actually (sad.). Anyway they're great - tight on the thighs but loosen out down to your ankles so they don't make your ass look too huge.
    Only porblem is I bought them three years ago - kind of gross but just shows the quality!!
  • ooo sounds right, P. Are they men's? (the only curves I have are well above the nonexistent waist!)
  • i know this sounds a bit sad-but the running stuff that aldi is selling at the mo is excellent-the tights especially
    flat lock seems
    pocket at rear for your keys
    ankle zips
    lock down zips
    reflectant stripe
    nice shade of blu/grey or red/black
    not too hot to wear either
  • not sad at all - but Aldi is miles and miles away. :o(
  • nike tights suit me best.

    they've got all that same stuff as the aldi ones too (rear pocket is very useful!)

    i've got two pairs now :-)
  • hmmmm

    was looking at the concurve ones, but Birdypie, who is a TAD taller than I, says they're almost too long for her.


    so how come Hippo's not falling over hers, huh?
  • dya want me to look in Aldi for ya Jj ?

  • Buy some shorts jj ;)
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    i have a pair of short tights adidas since 3 years ago and still perform perfectly

    besides, they always have stripes
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