Nutritional drinks

I'm getting back into some hard training and have been out of the whole running 'scene' for quite a while. I used to use High 5 as part of my running routine, I'm guessing now there are a good few more drinks out there, does anyone have any good recommendations? I don't think I need isotonic, more like carbo drinks or muscle recovery drinks....

Any advice is greatfuly recieved.



  • Alan

    I've just been running about 10weeks and since i've started running 1hr plus i've found lucozade sport really good.
    Also on the longer runs i've eaten a high energy bar b4 the start with L Sport along the way. The only time i broke this habit i felt as though i had no energy.
    Don't know if its in the mind or not but does appear to work.

    Good Luck
  • Hi Alan - John and I use Accelerade before and during exercise, Endurox R4 after, and for feeding after heavy endurance, Met-RX liquid food supplement.
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