George Dunster Imber Half-Marathon

My race number is through for this one already #123.

Anyone else up for this pleasant jaunt across the edge of Salisbury Plain?


  • wrinty

    Have you done it before? What's it like?

    I'm a bit put off by the 'hilly' in the description!!
  • A whole bunch of forumites did this last year and the description is accurate! It's a nice course though with no traffic and some fabulous views AND I took about 10 minutes of my previous PB so it can't be too bad.

    Piccies from last year's event can be seen here or, if the link fails, intro.htm

    Busy elsewhere this year so can't be there.
  • I did the event last year, yes it is hilly and rather exposed to the elements, but more than compensated by the scenary - burn't out tanks excepted.
  • As exposed to the elements as Bath?
  • just done my first half marathon in Bath and enjoyed it so much I want to do another one, just signed up for Bristol. Thought I might give this one a go as well, as its not far away from were I live. Just one question, are there a lot of small hills, or long hill climbs?

  • Hi BW, how's the cape hangin?

    GMAC . . it's long climbs rather than short sharp ones . . but stunning countryside on part of Salisbury Plain that's not usually open to the general public . . so quite a priviledged view really and worth taking part on that basis alone . .

    I was going to take part again but accidentally got persuaded to do the Great West Run instead . . so many races, so little time . .

    Hi Murf . . long time no see . . how's things? Thanks for the web site reference . . unfortunately I've just overhauled the Imber pages so new address is at

  • oi what--this in MAY
  • Wotcha RichK - things are going good thanks. Missed out on meeting up with everyone at Reading the other week cos I was sat in the traffic jam on the M4 and only reached the start area as the gun went off.

    Last year Imber was at the end of Feb and we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day but I do remember thinking that it would be a horrendous race to run in wind or rain.
  • BW, No Georgian buildings to take the sting out of the wind on this one.
  • Dear Runners,

    I am very sorry to have to inform you that the Imber 1/2M scheduled for May 2, 2004 has been cancelled due to an administrative error by the army. They have failed to open the Imber range on that date and we can no longer run the race. Please accept the apologies of the Warminster Running Club.

    I will be in touch again when we know if we are able to hold the race later this year.

    We are as dissapointed as you.

  • My sentiments exactly!
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