Name Change

Hi all decided its time for a bit more optimisim so from now on I am going to be Speedy.G! instead of Tryer. Hopefully I will be living up to my name very soon. Do you like the piccie?


  • Welcome, Speedy.G! Love the pic.
  • bye bye tryer; welcome Speedy G! Good to see another animal on the forum!
  • Welcome Speedy.G! I promise we won't eat you.
  • honderlay honderlay! (the way I typed it makes it sound a bit like that stuff you put under the carpet)
  • Thank you all.

    EP Snails' Pace and I did a 5 miler on Saturday but it took me about 57mins so going on that I will still be about 70 mins in Brighton but I now need to live up to me new name. So must do more training.

  • Speedy.G don't get hung up on times. What's really important is enjoying the race, doing the best you can, having fun, meeting other runners - if you get a PB too that's icing on the cake, but running and finishing is the whole ball game.
  • Hello Speedy G!
    Brilliant name - I've got a new piccie - do you like it? I couldn't find one I liked before, but EP sorted this one out for me - such a clever pixie! Can't think why she's called evil - she's lovely! Cheers EP!

    See you all at Brighton!
  • Hi Ironwolf thanks for the advice. Yep if I can just finish in one piece thats magic. Believe it or not being an absolutely flat course doesn't suit me - there are no downhill bits for me to speed up on! But I will be there with the party at the abck.

    Stumpy - yep love the piccie. It was Snails' Pace that sorted out my piccie and new name so there are a few clever bunnies out there. Must live up to it now.
  • you WILL live up to it. I bet you don`t finish that far behind me but save me some G&T will you, I`ll need it by then....think that`s down to benz if I remember rightly or was she the can of red!
  • SP
    The G&T will suit me fine but not averse to the red either. Going by Saturdays run I will be that far behind you. Mind you I've just bought new shoes - I'll say they are the go faster shoes and try to keep you in sight.
  • “¡Arriba, arriba, arriba, ándale, ándale, olé, olé, olé, ándale! – Hello, pussycats, you looking for a nice fat mouse for deenner?”
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