Nutrition drinks

Any ideas on which drinks work well? I'm after either a recovery drink (for muscles and carbs) or an endurance drink, i've seen many on adverts and wondered what you guys were using.

Thanks in advance



  • Cake and custard (or malt loaf if the run didn't end at home) and a big drink of well-diluted squash does the job nicely for me, with water on the move on longer runs. I run for pleasure and can't be doing with all this advertising-copy-meets-biological-science-and-comes-up-with-sticky-liquid business.
  • Agree with that. I've not found any of the heavily marketed "energy" drinks much good. There's not much substance behind the hype and they are therefore, I believe, a waste of money. For long runs water is still best option, and afterwards, I find coke which has been left to go flat is good.
  • I find after a very long or hard session if I drink Complan or similar straight after my muscles recover much quicker.

    I love the strawberry flavour it's just like ordinary milkshake, but with a high carb, low protein content.
  • I've discovered Aldi do a sports drink called Glucorade which works for me on long runs. It's very reasonably priced and close enough to the stuff supplied on drinks stations on longer runs that it's an easy swap on race day.
  • After a run I tend to drink 50:50 orange juide and fizzy water with a pinch of salt.

    During long runs (>1 hour) I use Lucozade sport because I figure I need to keep the carbs coming. I haven't compared runs with & without the drink so I haven't a clue if it's actually doing any good.

  • If any marketing men from the drinks companies see this, I have an idea for a new product for you. Isotonic Beer!
  • On long runs I normally use powerade (spelling?) or on all day bike rides I use Tekno Fuel (cheep) mixed with OJ and water

    But quite often for an after run drink, I’ll make up a fruit smoothy:

    1/3 pt of skimmed milk
    1 tub ‘Total 0’ yoghurt
    1 Banana
    1 tub of berries (any)

    Marvellous :o)
  • I wish I had the energy and inclination to make my own fruit smoothy after a run! I use water for training up to 1 hr and then use lucozade, after I eat a banana or a tuna sarni or malt loaf. I've dabbled with the gels but ugh! all gloopy and I end up drinking gallons to water to get rid of the goo.
  • VR - I throw everthing in the blender before I go out and then just push the button when I come back
  • Alan, I'm not the most experienced of runners but all I'll say is Lucozade Sport got me through my first London marathon this year (had not run more than 16 miles beforehand). I drank water at all the stations and took Lucozade Sport at all the others and kept a constant pace throughout the whole distance, didn't even see the wall let alone hit it. No-one was more surprised than me and I either had a very lucky day or the Lucozade helped me through.
  • Been running a while and tried most on the market. I've found that the SIS range is pretty good. PSP 22 works very well before and after training. It doesn't do much on long runs - I prefer High 5 or Lucozade in weak solution. A small piece of banana about 70 minutes into a run is angel breath!
  • WW, will give the smoothie thing a go seems easy enough even for a lapsed cook like me!
  • We use Accelerade during exercise and Endurox R4 after, also I like to drink Met-Rx liquid supplement for protein/carb replacement after long hard sessions - can't stomach solids for severla hours after hard training. It comes in several flavours but I like the vanilla or the chocolate mixed with fruit juice. Choc goes well with OJ.
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