My left foot??

Morning chaps. Woke up with pain on the underside of my left foot (again) ; just under the knuckle joint of my left little toe if that makes any sense at all. I've had it on and off for a couple of weeks but it goes after a couple of days rest.

I'm training for the Stratford Marathon so my mileage has been reasonably heavy lately, as well as racing.

I don't know if :
i) I'm wearing the wrong shoes for higher mileage (Air Span Triax)
ii) I'm overpronating more when I'm tired or going over 13 or 14 miles (can't tell)
iii) I'm running on a left sloping camber (possible when racing I guess)
iv) I've got a stress fracture developing (hope not)

Anybody got or had anything similar and have any advice on what to do????
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