Freezing, Monday Morning

I'm looking out the window right now, and outside it's cold, grey, and very wet. My schedule tells me I have a 45 minute run this evening - any tips for training in really lousy conditions? (Bonus points for anyone who doesn't mention "treadmill".) Previously I've always decided to stay in, keep warm, and read a book or something, but if I only go out on dry days when there's no wind blowing down from the Arctic I may not get much running done this winter.


  • KC

    All I can suggest is that you embrace winter – it forms part of the year( a major part at that )

    If you look at it with a negative outlook you will not enjoy your training, so instead when you loojk out of the window and see:

    IT’S RAINING – Think to yourself I’ll be able to run fast today, as the rain will keep me cool
    IT’S WINDY – Think a marvellous strength session running against that and I’ll fly running with it.
    IT’S SNOWING – Think cool and crisp, how invigorating

    And so on, enjoying winter training is all about mental approach and the more you train during the winter with the right approach the more you will begin to enjoy it.

    Also always make sure you dress appropriately, but do not over dress – because if you are comfortable when you go out, you will over heat during the run.

  • Also, tell yourself you're less likely to run into yobbos when its raining.

    I've got the knack of getting ready to go out running without thinking about whether I should or not. In the words of the advert, Just Do It! (Perhaps I should change my nick-name to "smug")
  • Or at the moment Yobs with fireworks >o(
  • You too? Our training group was bombarded from a passing vehicle last week.
  • KC

    All I can suggest thermals, waterproofs, hat and gloves. But don't wear too many layers, nothing worse than overheating on a long run.

    One good thing about winter running is that it doesn't matter how fast or slow you are going because everyone thinks your mad anyway, especially when it snows.

    Personally I like winter training - does that make me a real runner or am I mad afterall?
  • Thanks folks, some great advice there. It could have been so tempting to stay in this evening with my new Turin Brakes and Lemon Jelly CDs, but now I have no excuse for not getting my rain jacket on and going running! It's still "I'll be able to run fast" weather out there :-)
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    I prefer winter training.
    Wind and rain no problem , snow, well don't get much but I have a laugh trying not to slip over.
    Much better than having to take endless drinks on a summer 15 miler.....
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    I used to get in from work at 7.30 p.m. but not set the central heating to come on until 8.00 p.m.. This gave me two choices -sitting in a cold house or going out for a run, and coming home to a toasty warm house.

    It worked until I got married. The new Mr B (academic, so tended to get home early) wasn't overly impressed by my 'cold house' practice.

  • Go kc go!!! (or should that be run kc run?!) I went out for a 45 minute run yesterday, in the pouring rain. Yes, I got wet, and found out that my jacket is only shower-proof, but it was great, I ran faster than usual, and it was just me and nature. Enjoy it!
  • Just a quick update... yes, I did make it out the door last night even though it was cold, dark, and very wet. Despite the rain, I didn't get totally soaked - I wasn't going so fast that I avoided the raindrops a la Billy Whizz, but I ended up drier than I expected. I enjoyed it, so thanks again for all the tips!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    What do people wear for running at this time of year? I have switched from my running shorts to running tights, but at the moment I'm still wearing cotton T-shirts (albeit long-sleeved ones). I am beginning to realise that these are fine in the summer but not so pleasant when it's cold and wet - the sweat doesn't dry or get 'wicked away' and if it's raining they get wet and uncomfortable pretty quickly.

    Problem is I'm tiny and standard sizes don't fit me very well. Can anyone recommend a range of proper running clothing that might fit, and where can I get it? I've tried the high street 'sports' shops - what a load of rubbish! I'd defy anyone to find even one item of functional clothing amongst all the pseudo-leisure wear!
  • Last night I survived the elements in tracksters, a wicking base layer (Helly Hansen), an old football shirt, an Adidas shower-proof jacket, and gloves. I didn't wear a hat - the one in the pic is for formal occasions :-)

    Tracksters can be bought in any half-decent sports shop, the Helly Hansen top was bought in one of those outdoors / mountaineering shops, the jacket was purchased in a specialist running store, and I found the gloves in my sock drawer. I'm not sure where to look for smaller-fitting gear, but a running shop would be a good place to start.

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