Stomach Cramps



  • I too have suffered from this problem in the past, but recently it seems to have abated. Currently trying to lose a few pounds so having made changes to my diet, I'm wondering if that is the answer.

    I do have milk on my cereal for breakfast but that's my dairy intake for the day, so maybe it is lactose-intolerance as suggested. Still, if anyone comes up with a wonder-cure, please advise!
  • I did an 8 mile run yesterday and in the last two miles had the worse stomach cramps ever! How do I stop this happening again?
  • Dunno - further to my post above, have now cut out all dairy products and seems to have abated somewhat. Is it just cramps you get Geraldine - or do you get the other unpleasant effects as well?
  • It's not just me then!!!!!!!!! Thank goddness. I have been asking fellow runners at my running club and nobody else seems to have the same problem.
    I don't really have much milk in my diet so I'm not convinced it's lactose intolerance for me.
    It's only happened 4 times to me, I always manage to 'make it' home but the cramps are rather scary. They naturally make you slow down I find and if I stop running the cramps eventually stop.Don't like the idea of taking medication.
    Lucozade sport is something I've recently started to take before a race, perhaps it's this? As Jo C seems to think this the cause.
    Would hate for this to become something that I become too hung up about and would therefore any pearls of wisdom.
  • I too suffer from this problem, am doing London on Sunday, have bought some immodium. Can any one advise when to take it? and should i take one or two? Is it a bit risky to take it for the first time before the marathon, could i have any side effects?? Help!!
  • I too have recentlay started to get stomach pain - either when doing a fast race or masssive milage...bloating afterwards! What causes that???
  • I'd just like to add to those who have found that lactose intolerance is linked to cramping while running. I am lactose intolerant and I have found that even jogging for not even ten minutes gives me horrendous intestinal cramps. I feel like I need to either pass out from the pain, throw up, or use the bathroom. I usually have to curl into a ball and let it pass - usually ten minutes later. Like another poster said, I get it on the treadmill too if I push myself too hard or for too long.

    I'd just like to spread the word because when this first started happening to me, I was so frustrated and thought something else was wrong with me. I just stick with stationary, moderate/heavy exercise. For me, it's not worth it to push myself to run with such a looming threat!

  • Thank you all. I have read this thread I finally twigged I am probably lactose intolerant. I switched to soya milk and cut down on cheese last year because of wanting to lose weight. I thought my runner's trots had gone away because I was better at running - my time and distance have got a lot better in the last 6 months. This weekend I went away and had no access to soya milk, had lots of ordinary milk and cheese. Went for a run on Sunday and cramps etc came back with a vengeance. Thats it, no more milk!!
  • For those that have used imodium before a race - do you still get the stomach cramps, just not the diarrhoea? Or does it help both?
  • I've done a 7 mile and 8.5mile run over the last couple of days and can hardly bend today due to stomach cramps.  Will definitely try all the recommendations from previous posters!
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