Varicose veins?

I run about 15k a week and I'm in my 30's. To my horror I've recently found what seems to be a varicose vein at the top of my left calf. It is tender to touch but not painful. The nurse doesn't seem to think I need to worry. Seeing as I've recently been doing more hillwork, could it be that this has brought on the problem? Also, will further hillwork exacerbate it?


  • I had a varicose vein that progressively got worse. I eventually had it stripped. The cause of my varicose vein was a faulty valve in the vein around the knee area - it had stopoed working and so was letting blood backflow down the leg. This can only be checked by an ultrasound. The consultant said running was great for it, as the main problem is blood pooling in the veins and activity helps the blood return to the heart. I can't comment on the hillwork. There is also a strong hereditary factor with varicous veins - do either of your parents suffer from them?
  • You should get an ultrasound to verify if its a varicose vein or not. Anyways I don't think the exercise can cause varicose veins, actually, exercising helps you to prevent from getting them. I got varicose veins after I gave birth to my second child. The treatment that helped me a lot was venorid.
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