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Having yet to compete in a triathlon I thought it would be a good idea to open a thread for people in a similar situation or more experienced triathletes to share training tips etc.

I definitely could do with some advice so perhaps others could too.


  • Loads in the same boat - just search the forum for your particular dilemma.

    (And don't let Candy convince you that the best form of training is Ironman Austria !!!) ;-)
  • Spoilsport.

    Candy's recruitment drives are part of the fun.
  • Oh noooo - he got to you Jj !
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  • [looks up wistful]
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  • Definition
    wistful [Show phonetics]
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    Eh. Spain ? Austria I knew about - but Spain ? Now I'm confused. And Ed - quit it with that periscope please - it's cold.
  • Sorry to spoil things by getting back to the original point of this thread but Evil Pete, I'm in the same boat. I've the Paris marathon in three weeks and then it's training for tris. is a great beginner site to check out.
  • t'ain't no periscope cougs.
  • don't listen to eddum, Evil Pete!

    Tritalk has all sorts of odd people contributing to it!

    People like ed

    and cougie

    and Jj

  • [scrabbles toe in dirt in shamefaced sort of way]

    you just haveta get used to us.

    I'm looking to do my first tri sometime this summer - I have a couple of little obstacles to overcome, but in all seriousness this forum is the place to come for support and advice.

    So don't be put off - just go with the flow.

  • What do you wanna know ? Jj's expertise is cycling, and my knowledge of swimming is quite legendary. ;-)
  • Thanks for the tips guys.

    I'm having a problem breaking into any kind of routine. I'm thinking of the London tri, just sprint distance to get me started.

    What volume of training should I be doing?

    I know I'm not doing enough.

    Watch that periscope boys, sounds nasty.

  • Ah yes Cougie's legendary swimming ;)
    But is it as good as mine? heh

    I'm going to start swim training soon (end of the 8's rowing season on Saturday so can change training for a month or so before the head to head season starts)

    You reckon 2 sessions a week (max I can do in the pool I'm affraid) with 1500m for each session is ok? I did a 1k swim in 21 minutes (very slow I know) but could only manage one length crawl then one length breast stroke, I want to just get this up to all crawl, not bothered about the speed as I know it'll come down just from doing crawl.

    I'd say I'm fairly fit (just not swim fit)
  • I did London Sprint last year as my first Tri and it was a fantastic experience!

    Went on to do another at Seaford (Southcoast tri) and had another excellent event - with lumpy sea just to add to the excitement!.

    Moving up to Olympic this year (OMG)!! programme so far is:
    Stratford Sprint
    Windsor Olympic
    Ironbridge (team)
    London Olympic
    Southcoast Olympic

    If swimming needs improving, I used to just plough up and down the pool non-stop for the required number of lengths, but have recently found some training sessions which (with some adaptations) seem to have helped in stroke development. I'm now working on the power aspect. (two sessions a week for about an hour each)

    have a look at follow the "information " link and then the Spelthorn swim sessions link.

    As for riding - I just get out and do it!

    Running is my weak link so I'm doing 3 runs a week (-ish) ranging from speed work to long runs/event up to half marathon. 5 mile this morning!

    I hope this helps and hope to see you at London!!
  • Pete - what is your background ? You need to analyse your weaknesses and spend more time on them than your strengths.
  • EP,

    My training plan from May to August will be something like this:-

    Mon. AM, Swim, PM Run.
    Tues. Cycle to work, PM Run.
    Wed. AM Swim, PM Run.
    Thurs. Cycle to work, PM Run.
    Fri. AM Swim, PM Run.
    Sat. Rest
    Sun. Cycle/Run - probably the most important session, getting used to that unique pain of running after cycling and chance practice transtition.

    It seemed work OK last year. It not set in concrete though, I'll adapt it on a day to basis if I need to.
  • Ah yes!.......................


    A whole new sport in itself.

    I'd welcom help and ideas here too!

    see ironman checklist - basically so you dont forget things for transition - but its valid for half IM distances too, and possibly olympic if you plan on taking a long time
  • mmmmm I'm tempted but I think I'd find it hard to put the training in...Right need to find a sprint near Edinburgh that has a fat tyre section!
  • As Dangerous Dave said you definately need to practice doing some running after being on a bike for a while. The best way I can describe the sensation is like a sailor trying to get his land legs back after being at sea for a year.

    You don't need to overdo it, I used to do a 3 mile run after having 2 or 3 hours on the bike, just get used to that sensation.
  • Good idea to set up a small transition area in your garage or garden and practice the changes, especially if you plan on using bike shoes and changing into running shoes. Like has already been said above, practice running off the bike too, it feels like running in wet cement until you get used to it. Once doen a few times, you'll get the hang of shuffling along until your legs are ready to move properly again.
  • I've done 2 (rowing) tris (use a concept 2 instead of a swim) The first time it was hell inthe transition, a year later i was expecting it and had no problem at all,

    I didn't go quite so hard on the bike at the end though in anticipation of it. Definatly worth getting used to if you want to do tri properly and not the once a year event I do :)
  • i've never run in wet cement...
  • Hi all,

    As some of you already know im new to Tri’s my first is the Stratford Sprint Tri in May. Im ok with the stamina just need to work on my speed but treating this year as an introductory year.

    I was going to jump in at the deep end and have entred Longest Day Ironman in July but am now pulling out due to lack of training because of various injuries. Im going to just concentrate on a year of Stamina/Base training now but will play around with my speed a little to.

    My training is back up to 6 hrs a week after a 4 week lay off due to a damaged foot – tonight I tried to run 6 miles and it took me an hour lol – ouch so I guess 4 weeks off is pretty bad for stamina loss – I ran 18 miles before by break……..

    Looking forward to transitions – not really worried about the changover time and guess the bike to run legs don’t really come into it except in Tri’s over Olympic distance, well that’s my guess anyway as ive come of a gym bike after an hour of hard spinning and straight onto the tready a few times with little or no wobbly effects.

    My goal this year is to complete a ½ Ironman now.

    Stick around the forums if your new they are a great source of information and help, I wouldn’t have got this far without all the support ive had from others here and look forward to maybe bumbing into some of you along the way (probably as your lapping me lol). Oh re Longest Day im going to volunteer as a Marshall (as they need some more help) – so if your doing it and want me to look after any special requirements e.g. hide your outboard motor or flippers after the swim let me know…. Seriously if you need anything I’ll be there.

    Oh and my training plan is something like this (subject to sdjustment)

    Mon – Swim (reps)/rest day
    Tue – Medium Bike (1-3 hours)
    Wed – Run 6 miles lunchtime, Swim (endurance) in Evening
    Thur – Long Run (8-13 miles)
    Fri – Spinning/rest day
    Sat – Long Bike (2-5 hours)
    Sun – Long Run/Bike/Tri/Brick

    IM Florida 2005 here I come (hopefully).
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