How fast?

I did my 'long' run (long for me;)) of 4.2miles in a time of 35m:15s which I get to just over 8.5min miling. I certainly didnt do the 2nd half as quick as the first and the course is pretty hilly. What pace should I be aiming for? I am still pretty much a novice (although I did run a lot as a schoolboy).

BTW - I am not related to the other 'lamb' on this forum. Tnx


  • Lamboy

    You're faster than you think. Your 4.2m is at 8:24 (well under 8.5 mins :-) ). To put that into context, at that pace you'd do a 10k race in 52:02 - check out some race results pages & you'll see just how respectable that is especially given that yours includes hills.

    In terms of where to go, it really does depend where you want to go. You've already got the basic legs so how about finding a flattish 10k to aim for - I did one yesterday in 51 mins so you're already not far behind me.

    Do you keep a simple log of your runs, I find it realy useful to keep as it motivates me when I don't feel like going out (the blank date field glares at me) and also when I look back at how far I've come in a relatively short period.

    Good luck

  • Hi Nick,

    Tnx for the generous support. I have been thinking of a 10K in January, this gives me some more time to train. I have planned a target of sub 50mins its just a case of finding a good course I guess. I do keep a book, but I find it hard knowing the exact distance of some of my courses (the 4.2m was measured in my car).

    I eventally want to do a 1/2marathon in under 1h:30mins - but this is a long way off.

    Tnx again /lamboy
  • Lamboy,

    Your time is v. fast in my opinion, being a humble 10 min miler! Just wanted to add that software like TrailGauge is a cheap and easy way to measure the distances of your routes. There are lots of threads on the subject and all the applications offer free trial downloads. Search the forum for Trailgauge, accuroute etc and give them a try.
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