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Ive been running now since May last year, starting from scratch with walking and running alternating. I was over 14 stone then and Im now 11 and a half stone and ran for an hour continuously for the first time last Saturday week. It was fine except my knees were very sore afterwards and I only ran once the next week. Ive just spotted the Croydon 10K on 4 April and was tempted. I would only want to finish obviously, but maybe its a bad idea. If I plod in last I'll feel like a twit and maybe I need to do something about my sore knees first. Im still losing weight slowly, Im still pretty lardy at 11.5 stone for a girl of 5 ft 3.

The knees hurt mainly going up and down stairs.




  • Hi Trinity1

    thanks for your input. I think you're right, I need to sort out the kneezies. I might try some of the cross training some of the others have been talking about. That steppy thing at the gym maybe, though I find it a million times harder than running!

  • Hi A

    Don't worry about coming in last, you won't be! This is my local 10K and can vouch that it has all sorts and shapes of runners some very quick and some very slow and a lot in between!

    If you can handle an hour you'll be okay, plus the good thing about the course of the race is that you can drop out at 4 miles if it is to much and its a short walk back to the finish. But you won't be doing that, however its good to know.

    As for your kness what sort of surface do you do your running on? If pavement/road the pounding your kness have to take may result in some snoreness. Try running on grass for a while if possible.
  • Hi DJ

    I do run on pavements mostly, I cant see much alternative when I run after work on my own. Lloyd Park is just round the corner from me but Id be scared to run there on my own in the dark.

    I could probably try the route out for my long run on Saturday.

    I am tempted to give it a whirl. It would be my first 10K.

  • Definitely don't worry about coming in last. I ran my first 10k race last month and I was near the back (about 10 runners finished after me). However the marshalls were great, everyone of them was cheering us on as we went past which was really nice.
  • Can quite understand not wanting to run around Lloyd Park after dark but hey the clocks go forward soon so we can look forward to lighter evenings so perhaps you can get away from the roads then.

    There are other runners that run near you, perhaps you may want to link up with some of them so you won't be on your own in the dark.

    Did you know that there's a 5K being held in Lloyd Park in June as part of the Race for Life races?
  • What sort of shoes are you running in? If they're old/ the wrong sort for you, this could easily give you problems ( esp on pavements )

    Try popping into a specialist running shop-> DOn't worry about being a beginner, or about not "looking like a runner".- The good shops are very helpful and supportive.

    -- I tend to run residential streets and run on the road a lot.- I just get out of the way of the few oncoming cars. It's far smoother and less jaring than the pavement.- but watch out for the camber.-
  • My shoes are Saucony, er, (runs upstairs to find shoes) 3D Grid Web. I really like them, they feel very comfy and light. I dont know if I have some weird gate problem, I wouldnt be surprised my feet are flat as pancakes! I also had a pair of Nike something or others which were more spongey but they felt too heavy. Maybe they were a bit big for me. I have a trick ankle that turns easily so I need a shoe that will discourage that too. I guess as you increase your running these things become more apparent and its more important to get the right shoes?
  • Ali - check out The Runner's Shop in Beckenham (next to Beckenham Road Tram Stop) for your shoes. They kitted me out with my first "proper" trainers and were brilliant.

    Also, have you thought about joining a running club? Striders of Croydon is just up the road from you. We meet at Sandilands cricket club. Don't worry about being slow, they let me in and I'm only slightly faster than a geriatric snail.
  • Ali

    Congratulations on losing all that weight - a real achievement :-)

    I live in Croydon too, but won't be able to do the Croydon 10K after all due to other commitments :-(.

    Planning to do the 5K race for life on 6 June though.

    I did the Hastings Half Marathon on Sunday in 2 hours and 48 minutes and have had a rest since because my knees were sore too.

    Drop me an email if you like and maybe we could arrange to go for a run together sometime?

  • Hi Sue/Susanne

    I must say this is marvellous discovering all these other running gals in Croydon.

    I have been thinking of joining a club. I entered the Great North Run and I will need help and advice to train for that. My work colleague is a member of a club in Bromley and he has been telling me what a good thing it is. He's a mad keen marathon runner who has to eat all day or else he would vanish.

    I'd be interested to know what routes you have found and which are your favourites.

    Congratulations on the half marathon. What was it like?

  • The half marathon was very painful for the last two miles along the sea front as a gale was blowing and it was like running in treacle - running two steps forward and being blow 1 3/4 backwards. I was really chuffed to complete it though and have a great feeling of achievement :-).

    I tend to run in the Shirley area with my friend at weekends but Lloyd Park would be good for me too. Keep meaning to try that route. I live in West Croydon - what about you?

    I too have been thinking about joining a club but feel that I am not good enough.

  • No such thing as not been good enough Susanne, you're just a different stage of your running development that's all!

    Well done on Hastings, I've done that one myself a few times and its tough enough without the weather that the Striders who also took part in this year said was the worst for years.

    If you and Ali want to join a club please come give us Striders a go, I'm sure Flossie Sue will confirm we very friendly and welcome all runners. (Susan I can't wait to see you on a club run so I can call you by that name!)We do have a run on a Friday night that is geared for new runners, the pace is set at level to suit all that turn up. If your interested please let me know when you might come along and I'll make sure someone knows you coming and will watch you for you.

    Details of the club can be found at

  • OMG God! Is that John Gannon?

    Flippin' eck. He's only the club chairman. I'll never live this one down.

    Ali/Susanne - I'll be at the club tonight for our Friday run. We start at 7.30 from Sandilands Cricket Club. If you check out the website there's a map on there. Drop me an e-mail by all means.

    I live in the West Croydon/Selhurst area and either run locally or around Addiscombe/Lloyd Park.
  • Tehe! Yes it is Floosie, if you send me money on a weekly basis your secret will be safe with me.

    Ali/Susanne, if you join I'll spilt any ill gotten gains with you 50/50
  • You're a very wicked man Mr Gannon. I shall not be drawn into blackmail.

    Would a pint at the next club social buy your silence?
  • Hiya

    I have already been for my run today and I have to take my (ahem) pet rat (Weirdbeard) to the vet tonight, so I cant come along today.

    But I am tempted to give it a whirl. How do you get up there, on the tram?

    Im going to have a look at your website!

  • I usually drive Ali but the tram's not too far away. I can always give you a lift home.

    Should be there next Friday too, if you want to join us.
  • You're quite correct Floosie, I am a wicked man, so make that 2 pints and my lips are sealed, well apart from when I drink the beer!

    Ali, the nearest tram stop is Sandilands and the the walk up to the vey end of Sandilands itself to get to the clubhouse. Depends were you are coming from, do check out the map on the web site.

    Hope to see you soon, regards to Weirdbeard!
  • Johnny, Floosie Sue

    Unfortunately Fridays is a bad day for me as I have to ferry my two boys to and from youth club :-(.

    I take it that your runs on other days are for more experienced (faster) runners?

    I'm starting a new full-time job in Epsom next week (after having been out of work for 6 months) so don't quite know what my timetable will be like either.

    Will keep you in mind though if I decide to join a club :-)

  • Susanne

    The club has a "turn back" policy so they always loop back to pick up the slower runners (ie. Me), so you won't get lost and don't have to keep up with the speed freaks at the front (ie. John).

    We run on Wednesdays at 7.30pm and Sundays at 8.30am. There's also a track session on a Tuesday, 7.15pm at Croydon Arena, to work on speed (they even welcomed me to this too, so they take care of their slowbies!).
  • I go ten-pin bowling on Wednesdays (well you've got to have other hobbies apart from running ;-)).

    Sundays might be a possibility if I can get out of bed! I'll see :-)


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