1/2 Mar 2 weeks before Marathon

H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
I'm running Rotterdam Marathon on 4th April and have also entered the Milton keynes 1/2 this Sunday 2 weeks before the Marathon.
With the MK 1/2 being so flat and my marathon training gone well I am tempted to go for a PB. I've seen quite a few Marathon schedules recomend a 10K race 2 weeks before but only one recomend a 1/2 at this time.

So what do people think or have tried in the past? should I race the 1/2 or run it at intended marathon pace?
I hope to get close to 3.30 in the Marathon with my current PB being 3.50


  • pace it!
    two weeks is to close.
  • I agree!

    You might just get away with it on the one day recovery per mile "rule" but why risk it? There'll be other half maras but you can't do maras that often
  • pace it
  • Hello Steve

    I've got the same dilemma, also doing Mk with Paris on the 4th and tempted to go for a PB on a flat course. My last long run I had to cut from 20 to 16 miles and I've not properly recovered yet. My PB is 2.04 in Amsterdam (flat) and 2.06 here. I've run 2.07 for 13 during a recent 20 on undulating roads, I'm really tempted but as I'm tired at the moment I don't think its a good idea.

    I think you need to decide which PB you want the most and if going for the half might ruin Rotterdam, PB or not.
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    Thanks for your advice everyone. I think I shall pace it, but maybe speed up for the last few miles if feeling good.

  • Race it. if your marathon goes tits up because of the weather at least you'll have somrthing to show for all your miles.
  • You need to decide which of the two races to give priority to. If you want to do as well as you possibly can in the marathon I'd suggest running the 1/2M at or around your marathon pace. Don't expect to beat your PB for the marathon if you race the 1/2M (having said that I once managed to run PBs for the marathon on successive weekends). Whatever you end up doing good luck and let us know how you get on.
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    The marathon is definately my priority for these races. did the half yesterday:-
    first 2 miles 30 seconds below mar pace. then Mar pace till about the 8 mile mark at this point someone overtook me so I chased him and we spent the remaining 5 miles racing each other and just beat him in a sprint finish.

    felt really tired afterwards and am a bit worried I overdid it. Glad I didnt go for a PB yesterday especailly in that wind.

    Jellybean how did you find it yesterday?
  • Steve/, that wind does take a lot out of you.
    I raced in The Hague on Saturday, we had to contend with sand being blown into our eye's & mouth's.
    It was like being in a boxing ring [never done this though!] being knocked all over the place.
    I missed my target by over 6min & PB by 5min.
    I do however feel the conditions were worth 5min quicker!
    Just rest & recover until race day & you should be ok.
  • I was going to agree with other comments on here and say 'pace it' but looks like i'm too late, i also did a half yesterday and have the Taunton marathon in 2 wks time, i kept an easy 8 min / mile pace throughout, up until the last mile where i stretched my legs. Then did a 3 mile recovery run later that same day .

    Good luck with your marathon race :)
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Race it, I reckon unless you are an elite runner 2 weeks is plenty to recover from a half. The risk is you'll pick up an injury though.
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