Anyone run in RC150's

Since my Saucony Team Taya's were falling to bits I ordered some NB RC150's from fast feet for the bargain price of £25.

I did my first run on Sunday in them and haven't been able to run since. At first I wasn't very happy with the fit as they were tight in the toe box and barely wide enough even though I have narrow feet. Anyway they felt fairly comfortable running in them apart from the very hard feel (as expected).

Even though the run was only 5 miles my calfs have been in agony since. Has anyone else experienced this ?

I'm guessing that this will go in time but as a precaution I'll alternate the old and new and only use the RC150's on short runs until I get used to them.


  • Tom, did u order the same size as your normal shoe size? With the 150's you normally need to go up at least ½ a size; I've found that I need a 8½ and I'm normally a 8. (ps, NB advised me as well to go up in sizing compared with the rest of the range)
  • TB: I'm sorry to hear that. I believe NB have a wide-fit version too - best to check with FastFeet. Your idea of wearing them in sounds like the best approach.

    I always run in NB150s. You're right they're a tad narrow and I got blisters on my small toe initially. However, I took out the insoles, switched to wearing thin socks and use elasticated lock-laces. The NB150s are like slippers now.

    I bought some UK size 10 which I'll wear with the insoles for training and UK size 9.5 for racing (insoles removed).

    I'm very impressed by the durability. Am still running in my original UK9.5 pair from last year. Have done three HMs & all training in the same pair. Am up to 619 miles in them & still going strong !!

    Out of interest are you a forefoot striker? I run using the Pose method (not same as typical forefoot) for which I find the NB150s as close to ideal as possible since the heel-cushioning is very small.

    Hope this helps.

  • No I ordered 11, which is what my Saucony's were.

    Good suggestion about removing the insole to give more room.

    I'm a forefoot striker, I have the POSE video and drill book but haven't really looked at them since I got them. If the calf pain continues I might try some of the drills.
  • TomB: What YRR suggested is correct. I'm normally a size 9 but was told by FastFeet to go for next size up 9.5

    I bought size 10 because I plod the pavements so I wanted the insoles to give a bit of extra protection against sharp objects.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong (and/or I'm teaching Grandma how to suck eggs!) but with forefoot running you are striding forward and your foot hits the ground ahead of you ie weight bearing. In this situation your calves are already contracted before the foot strikes.

    In Pose your mid-foot may touch the ground a little ahead of you but by the time its bearing your weight the supporting foot is directly below you. The calves are meant to be relaxed always.

    This slight variation makes all the difference in terms of how much your calves hurt. Watch the Pose video towards the end where Dr R is doing his Free Run to analyse his footfalls - just before he does a Reggie Perrin and jumps into the sea ;-)
  • I also do virtually all my running in NB RC150s - up to about 100 miles a week without any problems.

    I found the almost complete lack of heel gave me a bit of calf soreness initially, even though I run with a Pose-like forefoot running style. I think this was probably because I had previously been used to running in shoes with much more built-up heels, and these limited how much my calves/achilles tendons were being stretched whilst running. The RC150s allow the calves / achilles to be stretched much more during running. This should make running more efficient, but your muscles/tendons might take a little time to get used to it.

    And I would definitely agree with the advice to go up at least half a shoe size compared to other trainers. In fact I had to go up a wopping 1.5 sizes from my Nike Ekidens to the old blue NB RC150s:

    Nike Ekiden: UK 9
    NB RC240: UK 9.5
    NB RC150 (current white and red version): UK 10
    NB RC150 (old blue version): UK 10.5
  • Gravy: 100mpw in NB150s !! What is the most mileage have you ever done in one pair?
  • nrg-b - to be honest I have no idea!

    I'm still wearing the first pair of RC150s I bought a while back (although I do tend to alternate with a newer pair just because the current version tends to rub in different places to the old one - the old blue RC150s have a stiffer, almost plasticy, nylon mesh upper and they fit a bit differently to the current red and white version).

    I would guess I must have run over a thousand miles in my oldest pair (and very possibly double that), and they feel just as good, if not better, than when they were new.

    Isn't running properly(!) great - not only can you get away with ultra-light and cheap shoes, they also last for ages!
  • Having failed in my bid to scrounge second hand shoes, I'll go for the fast feet option.

    I'm a size 8 in almost all shoes - should I go for 8.5 then?

    Gravy - hear hear to good technique - I've done 1000's of miles in my air mariah's - they've lasted fantastically well to be honest - some Philipino schoolgirl did a wonderful job when she glued them together back in the mid 1990's!! Cost me £20 in a local shop selling off old stock
  • Gravy: Yeah - amazing isn't it :-)
    Forefeet Good: UK8.5 sounds right.
  • Thanks - looking forward to new shoes!

    Though with this warm weather I can at last get back to toughening up my bare feet - one size fits all!
  • Wish I'd known about the sizing issue.

    Have got the 150's without trying them on first.

    They are little tight around the big toe. Any my feet seem abnormally wide in them.

    Having said that, they do fit like a glove and they have been ok for forefoot style runs for upto 30 mins.

    Might try taking the insole out. But agree would be better left in when running on pavements.

    I compare them to sports cars. Very sleek and light but no cushioning so feel every contour of the road.
  • I reckon the NB150 racing flat has got to be a minimalist sportscar, definitley two seater. How about the Lotus Elise 111R?
  • Have just ordered my RC150's! (UK8.5)

    This eco-warrior ain't calling them a sportscar though.

    Sometimes think heel/forefoot strike is a bit like mountainbike/roadbike.

    Mountainbikes (heelstrikes) - heavy but comfortable. Some people go pretty quickly on them, but they wouldn't be recommended for someone who wants to do a lot of road miles

    Roadbikes - fast, sexy, comfortable once you've adapted to the technique.
  • I know that no justification is required as we all believe that minimal shoes are the best policy for injury avoidance but I found this Study by Robbins and Waked that basically concludes the same as Gordon Pirie that modern cushioned running shoes cause more injuries that minimal shoes.

    Perhaps RW ought to conduct a detailed survey amongst online members to ascertain whether certain shoes cause more injuries than others. Of course they wouldn't becuase the shoe manufacturers are their paymasters.
  • Interesting article. People get less injured in minimal shoes because they know what they've let themselves in for and hence are extra careful. I can only assume being careful means paying attention to their running form.
  • Wore them again today for a short 3.5 miles and they felt a bit more comfortable and my calfs don't ache at all .. I think I'm growing to like them.
  • Hope someone's still following this thread even though I'm a bit late on to it....  I've been wearing rc150s for all my training and racing for about 4 years now - bought 3 pairs for £60 from Fast Feet - but the outer soles are wearing through now.  Fast feet don't seem to have my size any more.  Can I get them fixed (the uppers are fine) or are they available anywhere else?
  • Yes I'm still following 3 years later. I bought 3 pairs for the same £60 deal about the same time as you. Mine eventually fell apart after around 500 - 1,000 miles each.

    Luckily there's lots of great alternatives now because everyone's getting into 'barefoot' running e.g. Merrel, Vivo, Vibram etc. I went for the Merrel's and they are even better than the RC150's.
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