Running after toe fusion op

I had a toe fusion operation around 18 months ago with a bone graft from my heel to my big toe. I was on crutches for a few weeks, then my surgeon transferred me to a boot for another 6 weeks.  When I returned to walking I had very painful plantar fasciitis for a couple of months which was resolved successfully with some physio.

I started running for weight loss using the NHS Couch to 5K app in January and I am now running three to four times a week. I am running distances of 5K, 6K and 10K regularly.  My operated toe which I call my bionic foot, gives me no trouble whatsoever but I get occasionally get an achy ankle but my question for others is, is it ok for me to run regularly these kinds of distances after this sort of operation?  I've invested in some really good trainers which are really comfortable but I'm worried that I'm putting extra strain on the joint with running. Has anyone else had the op and could let me know if their running is ok and pain free or any other advice?


  • Hi, I have just had the op 4 weeks ago. Big left toe was knackered with O/Arthritis. It was getting progressively worse and I was limping all the time. I am relieved to have the operation and looking forward to getting back to running. I am ultra/marathon runner and hope to be back to normal training by the end of the year. Patience is required with this operation. I will be able to cycle/spin in about 2 weeks so that is keeping me positive.

    My surgeon said about 90% of people get back to running at the same level as before. In reality my big toe was already fused so I have had a fused toe for years.

    Hopefully you are running now and all is well, it would be good to get an update
  • Hi Ross, Can you please share details of your surgeon? thanks
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