Ok, feeling guilty about my recent trip to the office vending machine. I've managed to find a lunch box that I can only fit sandwiches in so I've no excuse to by sweets/crisps for lunch at work. And its been working well mostly but I am finding I'm having moments of weakness and just buying snacks from the "Vendy of Doom"(tm)...

So can I get some recommendations for snacks that are healthy & filling? Oh and that won't get mashed to bits in my packet easily...




  • Imthe last peep to ask, cos im a crisp adict

    but, dried fruit/nuts?
  • I snack on Kellogs Frosties - a small handful out of the packet.
  • I would have to admit to having a small ceral snacking addiction when I am at home or when I have a ceral packet handy.

    Will have a go with dried fruit or nuts as a snack and see how it goes...
  • oooohh Muller Rice Puddings. mmm.. 2 mins in the microwave at half power.

    oooh I could crush a grape
  • i think trinity has spotted the main question here.

    what are you trying to do?

    just eat more healthily? in which case dried fruit and nuts is a good one. as is normal fruit like an apple or something.

    if you are trying to lose weight though then be aware that nuts in particular have a surprisingly high calorie and fat content.

    snack a jacks would be a good plan (personally i think they are revolting but lots of people who are trying to lose weight swear by them). and if you need a chocolate fix jaffa cakes are pretty good - just don't eat a whole packet! the little packs of three are pretty cool.
  • VoodsVoods ✭✭✭
    Surely any fruit would be the best option - they are, after all, mostly pre-packaged in their own skins.

    As I've said in another post a while ago :

    Apples - Natures Fast Food :o)

    I also eat Snak-A-Jacks every so often but only the Caramel ones. I've recently seen some vanilla flavoured ones and tried them but am positive that flavour is not Vanilla.

    Another one is the Ryvita Breaks - they're like normal Ryvita but have currants, oats and honey - 48 cal's a slice and only 0.4g Fat of which saturates is 0.1. 10.1g of Carbohydtrates (of which sugars 3.1g).

    Depends how much room you have in your lunch box :o)
  • VoodsVoods ✭✭✭
    Another thought - if you got one of those lunch boxes which have sections, you could do a sort of salad selection on one side :

    Chopped Peppers
    Thinly Sliced Carrots (Julienne?)
    Thinly sliced Cucumber
    Sliced / Chopped Chinese lettuce

    Top off with a lemon and cracked black pepper dressing. Maybe throw in an ounce or two of pasta.

    Also, if you got a selection of chopped vegetables (stick size) - you could get one of those salsa dips (or even make your own) and then dip away. Then you get the savoury effect you've had from the crisps.
  • oooh voodoo - you're making me hungry just thinking about it - you're really good at this stuff!
  • I eat a lot of oatcakes. I like the "rough" kind best. I eat them on their own like biscuits. I started eating them to try to cut down on the amount of squashy white bread doorsteps I was consuming, so at the very least I would submit that they are healthier than that!
  • parrotmadparrotmad ✭✭✭
    I like to snack on bananas and rice cakes (you can get ones with choc on which is a bit tempting though ;-) )
  • I find having a snack strategy helps, in a house with 2 kids and chocolate fiend of a wife temptation is always there - an alternative is essential.

    I make sure I have loads of snacks/desserts when we do our fortnightly shop, we're at the end of that period now and I've nearly run out - danger!

    Typical options

    Malt Loaf
    Rice pudding pots
    Low fat yoghurts
    Rough Oatcakes (go well with yoghurt as a dip or crumbled in)
    Apples (loads)
    Japanese rice crackers
  • Kiwi fruit is gorgeous
    Dried apricots are good for munching on.
    Malt loaf with whole earth crunchy peanut butter on top is great
  • Oh, is Malt Loaf a healthy option? I always had it down as a no-no, but I don't know anything about it. I could live with that.

    The worst thing I do is raid the cupboard and dip a teaspoon into the kids nutella. oh dear.

    Try drinking more water too. This fills you up.
  • malt loaf is a healthy option for sure. beware the very high fat content of peanut butter though.
  • I'm currently addicted to M&S crispbread. 15 calories and 0.2 grams of fat each. Bit dreary on their own but lovely with a bit of Philly or cottage cheese.

    By the way, does anyone know a veggie alternative to jelly babies?? Everyone seems obsessed with them on these forums so I feel I'm missing out!
  • Similar to voodoos suggestion but I make large quantities of fruit salad to snack on (more interesting than just eating apples). Usually mangos, kiwis, pears, grapes, mandarin oranges and bananas, the whole bowl is about 400kcal but its a very large bowl and usually takes me the whole day to get through it.
    Wooster, was it you who asked before about veggie alternatives to jelly babies. If not I think someone said that joosters were a good alternative.
  • oranges

    fruesli bars

    lots of water.
  • I don't think you can beat a margarine free jam butty! Filling with carbs & sugar & v little fat.

    Otherwise jelly babies & trinity's muller rice puddings though I prefer em cold.
  • I have always found that cereal bars are the best. They're sweet, so it feels like you've had a treat, and they're filling.
    Breakfast bars are nice, and elevenses...mmm, the ginger ones taste like ginger cake!
    Munching on cereal is good, too, but not the sugary ones!
    You can also get dried fruit bars- ideal for a bit of energy to get you through the afternoon.
    Another one is crumpets, although not so ideal for work as they need to be toasted.
    One more- dried banana from Oxfam (yes, Oxfam!) is soft and chewy, with no sugar coating. Will keep you going for ages!
  • I never realised peanut butter was "fatty".

    Hmmm ... must be full of "healthy" fats though, surely?

    Lots of protein too.
  • It's got loads of fat in it, sometimes you can see the oil on the top of it.
    But it is 'good', unsaturated fat- not an excuse to pile it on, though!
  • Bought some trail mix from the local supermarket on the way to work. So munching that as a snack, dug out my smallest ikea tuperware container (250ml) and filled that with trial mix. Should do for now as daily snacking allowance :)

    Whats my goal? Well to eat more healthy food and ulimately to lose some weight through that but I'd rather get sorted on a healthier diet and then worry about weight.

  • I thought the fat in peanut butter was saturated, so therefore not so good. Still, as a veggie, my excuse to eat it is that it is a good protein source.

    But the natural sort and then pour off the oil from the top = less fat.
  • 100g of peanut butter contains roughly 600kcals and about 50g fat (ouch). 10g of that is saturated fat.

    so ok - 40g of it is unstaurated but thats still 50% fat and 10% saturated fat!!!!
  • Ah, thanks M. Still, I only use a scraping on my sandwiches. Well, I try to.
  • as a non-veggie my excuse is that its yummy!

    but i haven't got any in the house at the moment and although i picked some up while i was in tesco yesterday i was good and put it back again :-(

    everything in moderation etc etc - but i end up eating loads of it.

    but good on you for just managing to have a scraping hilde - thats my aim when i next give in and buy some!!!!
  • Thanks for the veggie tip on Joosters - an excuse to nip out and buy some sweets!

    How come I have enough willpower to avoid non-veggie sweets, puddings and crisps but yet can't avoid bingeing on other foods?!
  • Well thanks to this thread I went out last night and stocked up with Malt Loaf (and a Love Actually DVD for Mrs B) at my local ASDA.

    Mmmmm, yummy. I had no idea that ML was not naughty.
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