Runners Knee I think!

I have been suffering from knee pain in recent weeks. It starts with slight discomfort behind the Kneecap, and get progressively more painful during a run. The pain also ends up along the out side of my leg just below the knee. The discomfort normally goes after a couple of days. Is this Runners Knee? Will rest do the trick or do I need help?


  • TSR

    I would suggest seeing a chartered physio. They can work wonders with knees, often relatively quickly. I speak from experience! (Shame they can't to the same for hernias.....!)

    Best wishes

  • Are they expensive? The wife thinks I spend too much on my running already!
  • I think you'd be looking at around £30 for an initial consultation. This should be money well spent as they should be able to diagnose the problem, maybe ultra-sound it and then give you various targeted strengthening and stretching exercises. Definitely worth a go.
  • It's sounds like what is needed is a good stretch, before you part with any money.

    My experience is all sports specialists will advise a vigourous stretching program. Most people, including myself do not stretch enough and it is surprising how 20 minutes a day can pay big dividends. Concentrate on the hamstrings and the ITB and after 2-3 weeks of stretching and no running start again gently.

    Also, check the running shoes are OK. If still getting trouble then you might have to stretch the wallet as well.
  • I am having similar troubles so when the magic pill comes along count me in, otherwise I would check on the trainers as it seems like they were the cause for me
  • I too am suffering from runners knee I have been seeing a physio and much against her advice I still did the GNR. I now have tendonitis in my hip as well as a dodgy knee - but it was worth every second of agony!!!!!

    Seriously though, the advise the physio gave me was to stretch, stretch and you guessed it stretch !!
  • Can you suggest a web site that gives examples on stretching for runner’s knee, and would strengthening the muscles around the knee help?
  • Hi SR.
    The following web sites have good advice and exercises that you can do for all sorts of injuries. - this one gives rehab strengthening exercises for all sorts of problems with pic's as well which helps the conceptually challenged like me! - also good, again pic's to help.
    If you do a search for your problem you will get lots of sites come up, then just trawl through them.
    Hope the abouve helps.
    Good luck.
  • Thanks VR, I will go to sportsinjury now.
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