Sore feet

Started running on 15/9 and have just passed one month's worth. So far I've managed to run between 1-2 times a week and join a club (definitely the right move for a newbie). My objective is to stay injury free, build slowly and run at least once a week.
I bought new trainers from a specialist running shop (tested on treadmill) and so all's well - almost!

So far I've not managed to run on anything else but pavement. My feet (heels to be precise) are sore and I'm wondering whether
- this is to be expected or is it something more sinister??

Please advise, cheers



  • HFTB, when you say sore... it suggests blistering or at least friction. Could the shoes be slightly on the large side? What material are your socks? These factors can make a difference.

  • The soreness in my heels feels as if I have been running in bare feet. I do actually have some blistering on my 3rd and 4th toes.

    My shoes are Asics Kayano (Wide fit) and they feel okay fit wise around the heel/ankle, although a little roomier around the toebox. I opted for the wide fit as my big toe (right foot) raises slightly on landing.

    The socks I'm using are cotton - not specialist

    Any thoughts?

  • Sounds like maybe you're a heel striker and that possibly you need to wear slightly thicker socks?
  • I certainly run heel to toe and don't consider myself heavy on my feet.

    I've just contacted the shop I bought my shoes from and I'm popping along on Thursday with my shoes, to try out running on the treadmill, alternative lacing systems and considering in soles for my heels.
  • Visited shop and purchased 3/4 insoles - taking a little while to get used to them. I was told by the shop assistant that the symptons i'm getting sound very much like plantar fasciitas (hence the insoles). Apart from this what oother options are open to me apart from orthotics which I consider the last resort - massage, physio, podiatrist?

    I'd appreciate advice from anyone who's suffered this.


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