Epsom 10

Anyone else going to do this race? It's on Sunday 17th November & starts on Epsom Downs by the race course. See link for entry form: http://www.alfo.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/EPSOMTEN.html
One of my favourite races, but be warned it's not the flattest of courses!


  • Sounds like my kind of race, & just round the corner. What sort of route does it take?
  • Hi Bootie, it's a road race, starts at the top of the Downs near the Queen's Stand, goes down to Langley Vale, then up, up, up to Headley Heath. After that undulations to Walton on the Hill & back through Tadworth to the start.
    And it's 10 miles, not 10K (don't want anyone to get a nasty surprise on the day!)
  • Bootie - last year they had a series photos of the course on the website; not looked to see if they've kept them there for this year.

    When Tiger says it's up, up, up, the up goes on for about 3.5 miles :( - be warned!

    I'm a glutton for punishment so I may well be there again this year.
  • Hi Tiger,
    I'm up for this race if I'm not doing anything else. Another good local race is the Hogs Back in Guildford in December mentioned in RW as a 'top race' , now that's hilly !
  • Triathlon Boy,
    I'll do the Hogs Back too this year, not done this one before but several of the tougher types at the Club do this one, & I'm always up for a new challenge!
  • Excelent, think I'll enter then.
    Although thinking about it, is it the same date as the Brighton 10k?, as I've already entered that. oops, better go check.....
  • You're right Bootie !
    I'm suppose to be doing Brighton too .
    Are you up for an orinteering event ?
  • Alright, 2 questions.
    Tiger, Are the app forms for the Hogs back available yet?.
    Triathlon Boy, yeh up for doing an orinteering event, just not sure how to go about entering one. The website was a bit daunting for me (too many words!).
  • ....... and not enough pictures for me ;-).
    I've got no idea but there are two events coming up on the 9th & 10th November, ones in Farnborough and the other is Bagshot , or it might have beed South of Guldford.
    All ages and experiances are catered for, let me know of you fancy one of them.
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