Tokyo Marathon 2017

Big BertieBig Bertie ✭✭✭

Looking to do Tokyo in either 2017 or 2018....


From what I can work out (the website isn't the best!) there is 'Semi-Elite' entry for runners who've achieved sub 2:55 (for 2017, guess TBC for 2018). Is this a guaranteed entry as it also says overseas semi-elite runners are limited to 200 entrants. So even if you do qualify you still have to go into a 'mini' ballot to guarantee yourself an entry?


  • that's the  way it reads to me and no good for age criteria.

  • Big BertieBig Bertie ✭✭✭
    I'm guessing GFA is the 'Semi Elite' which is sub 2:55 for men...

    Biggest difference is even if you've achieved this, places are still limited for overseas runners (to 200) so you're still subject to a ballot.
  • Dank-artDank-art ✭✭✭

    I am entering again for 2017, it's a great marathon and if you love Japan, really is amazing! 

  • ToroToro ✭✭✭

    Yes i've applied too.  Fingers crossed.  It looks like long odds for semi elite entry (2:41) but I think it guarantees an entry just not pen A.

  • I ran it this year as a semi elite off 2.54 at London.

    I was put in the first pen but beware just before the run goes off they let you move forward and this is where it goes mental, I kid you not I had Japanese runners diving through the air to try and get across the start line, which caused a massive pile up

    Other than that it's a fantastic race with the polite spectators ever
  • So does a sub 2:55 time guarantee entry?
  • I would of thought so, they pool you all together at the start line just behind the elite runners.

    You pick up a blue bracelet at the expo which you have to wear
  • Looking at the website it says that the application period is from Aug 1st - 31st..

    Surely it can't be just a 30 day window to register for a marathon SIX months in advance?

  • I think London gives you a shorter window even further in advance, so it's not that unusual! They got about 360,000 applications for 35,000 places, so it's not like they have trouble selling out!
  • anyone know when the 2018 window is open. I'm hoping to get it to tick that one off the majors. the website is a minefield
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