How far am I running?

What is the best way to know what distance you are running when out and about town? I am a beginner and although I know for eg how long it takes me to complete a particular route, I have no idea how far it is. I have one of those silly pedometers, but I think it is suspect. I was thinking of driving the route and using the milometer but can't do this in a park...


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Do you (or anyone you know) have a bike with a cycle computer? Most of my routes have been measured that way. Using a map and a bit of string, then measuring the distance against the scale at the bottom is also a common and fairly simple method.
  • Oh yes! I have got one of those... I'll try that. Thank you very much
  • Try software such as Mapper - download from
    It lets you download maps from the internet (e.g. or Multimap) and draw your route directly onto it.

    More accurate (and eco-friendly) than driving the route, and can go places even a bike can't!
  • Sian,

    If you can afford it, try Auotoroute. It is pretty accurate and works on or off road.
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