HRT side effects

Hi, at fifty-nine, I'm just over  week in taking HRT and experiencing a degree of nausea, upset stomach, bloating, just feeling rubbish really. was able to run for the first time for a week today, and had a dreadful run. Admittedly this may partly have been due in part to lingering dehydration and overheating after a very hot day on the beach on  our school trip. I just wondered if other women who have taken HRT found that the side effects wore off and how long it took. The thing is, despite all the very inconvenient menopausal  problems, my running has been going really well, and kept me going. If HRT is going to compromise that I feel like I might quit now! 


  • Early days.

    I imagine your GP will have given you a limited supply to see how they suit you  - 3 months? If it doesn't settle they can change the brand or the dose.

    Same thing often happens with hormonal contraceptives, your body takes a while to adjust and then settles down, or they don't suit you and you try something else.

    You need to suck it and see for a while - so to speak...

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