Injury inside of my knee running - won't heal - advice?

I think I injured my MCL. After 2 weeks off and gradually reintroducing running its recurred. My doctor just keeps telling me to take painkillers and rest but I'm convinced there's something more serious happening here. Does anyone have any advice? Self tests? What should I say to the doc to get him to take me serious?


  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭

    GPs generally don't know a lot about musculoskeletal issues, especially if there are biomechanical issues. See if you can find a physio who knows about running.

    MCL injury generally results from a traumatic incident. If it's an overuse type injury I'd be looking at different structures. Get a proper diagnosis first. 

  • DevleyDevley ✭✭✭

    I read this article recently.  Talk about a torn meniscus and tests involved. Not sure how helpful it will be but worth a read maybe.

  • Wow - i had forgotten about this post!

    As an update i'm currently scheduled to get a High Tibial Osteotomy next week. While i recovered from this particular incidence it reoccured in 2019. After multiple meniscus tears and the medial side of my joint collapsing the surgeon has decided to move the weight bearing axis of my leg.

    He is pretty confident that i will get back to running
  • For a long time I had pain in my knee and was told to take painkillers by the GP that it was strain from running. A friend suggested WholyMe's Relief Balm and it changed everything! It's purposefully created for muscle and joint pains. I use it twice a day and it works better than any pain killer and is healthier -
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