Achilles Tendon vibrating / twitching

Hi Guys,


Ive tried googling this but nothing really helps with what I am experiencing as the searches always bring up PAIN which I do not have in the slightest.

I have upped my running to 1 hour 4 or 5 times a week from 45 minutes.


The last 3 days I have had a vibrating / twitching left achilles tendon. There is no pain or stiffness. I am doing rotary foot movements etc which can calm it but it returns in no time.

Its been 3 days and I have not jogged and its still there- any ideas what it could be or advice on how to treat? Can I jog with it or will it make  it worse?

I do have fallen arches and I was previously getting frequent calf strains and I also was getting groin strains. I combated this by wearing insoles for fallen arches and a groin strap which completely got rid of all those and I've been fine for the last 4 months until I upped the running to 1 hour and now have this twitch. Its all on the left side.







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