I am off to the Emerald Isle on Friday for the Dublin marathon. I have been considering getting a leg massage done beforehand. I remember reading on the previous forum some time ago, that it isn't recommended getting a full leg massage less than 3 days prior to a marathon as it tends to over-relax the muscles. Can anyone corroborate this and suggest whether they think a massage would be of any use? I would probably try and get it done tomorrow lunchtime which is a full 6 days prior to Dublin which is next Monday.

Also, if I get general support for massage here, can anyone recommend a suitable sports massage place in Central London? Well-qualified and cheap are preferable characteristics.




  • Hi DW,
    my massage therapist told me that there are two types of sports massage. One to relax/soothe the muscles after exercise and another kind to stimulate the muscles before exercise. Most experienced sports masseurs would obvioulsy know which kind to give if you were to tell them about your planned marathon.

    However, if you're having your massage 6 days prior to Dublin this shouldn't be a probelm.

    All the best for Dublin and hope you enjoy your massage. I recommend getting one straight after the marathon if you can. I did after my second marathon and it was the one I recovered from the quickest!
  • DW -

    I had (for the first time) a massage on last Wednesday before my marathon on Sunday, and it didn't go that well to be honest. On the day, all the sore spots that had supposedly been unknotted were precisely the ones that gave me problems. That's just a personal experience, which I don't think I'll be repeating, but everyone's different and general wisdom suggests it's a good idea. Oh, and BTW, it wasn't remotely pleasant! Actually I think I've just got used to running with right muscles for better or worse.
  • Hi all.

    Thanks for your input into this. I might have to rethink my plans now anyway as I am seriously struggling with a knee problem. I am seeing the physio tomorrow, so will see how I get on then.

    Thanks again.

  • Hope the knee probem doesn't become too much of a problem DW!
  • I've only ever had a pre-race massage once - and my legs turned to jelly a couple of miles into the race. So i wouldn't recommend it. The after race massage does make a big difference to recovery.
  • Good luck in Dublin DW
  • Thanks a lot Jenks and all for your messages. The outcome of the physio was that I do indeed have ITBS and need to rest, ice, stretch, hydrate and take anti-inflammatories for Monday. I've also been given some Zinc oxide tape to tape up the ITBS if it starts giving me problems.

    WE CAN REBUILD HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

    All being well, I will get round okay.


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