Gym membership

i have for some while been trying to find a gym that will let me either pay as you go, or that reconises that some people only get 1 day a week t to train.

my work and home life only allows me a thursday to take the opotunity to go to a gym, and i just cant find one that will cater to my needs.

ones that wont:-
Homes place
David Lloyd
all the local sports centers

to make it worse we have 3 women only gyms near us, and Mrs LL goes regually at only £5.00 a go.

rant over


  • Why bother with a gym if you only intend to go once a week? What benefits will you derive?
  • trinity. I am on essex/london border and want to use gym for exactly the same reasons you do
  • i have similar problem in that i spend every other weekend at my parents in london
    since this comes with built in babysitting - i want to take advantage of using a local gym twice a month - but couldn't find anything useful locally

    however, the council-run gyms are the best option financially - there offer - pretty consistent around the country it seems - is that once you have arranged the induction and membership - around 25pounds one off fee , you can then pay as you go

    the facilities are nowhere near as nice and they don't really even advertise themselves well, but it gives me a chance to keep my training going in theory even if it's only to use the treadmill

    i'm investigating the angles on being a guest at david lloyds though..
  • Legless
    my parents are on the essex/london border - may we could hook up somehow to do a shared membership?
    not sure how to convince the clubs of that though - maybe a special pleading..?

  • what about local leisure centres .. they are usaually by the session ?

    Virgin gyms used to do something where you could have a part weekly membership .dont know if they still do though
  • Yeah
    Council run leisure centres
  • i know what you mean about looking for a gym...
    i used to go to livingwell in b'ham city centre, then i stopped because it was full of halfwits who were there to perv at ladies in lycra and show off tattoos and muscles that were apparently a substitute for brains.
    but what i wouldnt give for a cheap, 'real' centre where there is a pool, bikes, treadmills and the like.
    why is it that sports centres and gyms (a) cost a fortune and (b) are full of narcissists anyway?
    puzzled, and disappointed. off to the pub now. booooo.
  • Universities sometimes open their gyms to the public, so that might be worth looking into Legless. I go to the West of England gym twice a week. The induction cost £3 and £2.75 whenever I go. Membership isnt needed, and they have very good equipment. Just a suggestion anyway :0)
  • Our local gym is £2.50 per go, no joining fee and you can go as little or often as you like.

    David Lloyd? Ha! The man who locked Hull City out of Boothferry Park, so not a great advocate for sport for the masses.
  • Good idea from Tixylix - universities often have good facilities and they can be an awful lot cheaper than your 'town centre' type centres.
    If you do manage to find a university with facilities near you I'd recommend Wednesday afternoon/evening as a good time to go along - students have wednesday afternoons off for inter university matches, and then they go off and get pissed up, so on a wednesday you're unlikely to find the centre full of ultra competitive types.
    Hope this is useful...
  • Dodge it's easier to pull in a gym than during an outdoor run although Im not suggeting for on esecond that anyone on this thread is using a gym for that purpose I'm sure that it's been considered in the past. By me, for example, at least 16 years ago when I was last YF&S..

    And another thing. Perhaps there are some people around, on a different, long running thread, that might use a gym once a week after a night out on the beer and curry? Parp..
  • Our local sports centre [spelthorne county council] lets you pay as you go. After paying £10 for the induction course I think it's £5-75/visit. I think they call the gym 'Banana Exercise' or something like that, and you have access to 2 of their gyms in the borough.
  • Blackers, On the pulling front there are a couple of 'good sorts' down my gym, but I'm not sure about it being a good enviroment for pulling. [well, not after the state that I get myself in on the treadmill!]
  • Matt Sumner
    I nearly joined Living Well in b'ham city centre but in the end I decided I would not use it often enough to justify the fees. After your comments I am very glad I did not bother.
    I can recommend Aston Uni facilities - well actually they are not that fantastic but the people do go there to exercise and the pool (although not 25m) is a nice old pool in an old building and I really enjoy swimming there.
    There is a gym but as I normally scuttle past there on my way to the classes I can't say in detail what the machines are like.
    But you can pay as you go, or join if you want, or buy 12 swims for the price of 10.
  • I've sacked my gym (Total Fitness) and bought a multigym and put it in my garage! So I'm in there at all hours as and when I have the!
  • Mrs B just bought a £300 eliptical trainer from Argos - I couldn't believe it but it was £50 cheaper than anywere on the web in the UK. It's quite good too. You need to get the specific Argos Gym catalog - the stuff isn't in the regular catalog or on the web...
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