CLUB WEBSITE: New Functions

There is now no need to add lots of threads to the "Events forum".

If you are going to a race you can add all the information currently being posted on the events forum on our own website. Information such as Race Number and Estimated Times can be added to the Race information. You can also see who will be aiming for the same time as you so you can make your own pacing groups.

All this information is in easy to read format. Just keep the website up to date with your details and info.

The layout of the pages has changed hope you like them better. Recommended min screeen resolution is 1024 * 768.

Any problems let me know

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  • Nice one SB - I've updated my logged races that I have numbers for !!!

    The format is fine.
  • Nice one SB. A lot easier to read and use
  • Too hard for me
  • What is too hard Freaky?
  • Well using the training log for a start
  • so what would you like to have there? tell me what would make it better for you?
  • Question: why, when I access the website, do I get two completely irrelevant advertising-type pages come up each time a click on something? Is there anyway to stop it happening?
  • Well I am, obviously, a moron but whatever I type in it doesn't like. Should i have a grid reference or possibly lines of latitude or longitude in short I require a training manual or online help.
  • Tip for the adverts - just ignore them and don't close the windows until you leave the site. If you close the windows new ones will pop up, whereas if you leave them be they'll stay behind the active window out of the way.

    It's a bit of a hassle, but given that it means the site can be hosted for free it seems worth it.
  • Sassie and EP

    We do in deed have our website hosted free. I know the popups are are pain, but at the moment the club can not afford to pay for the sort of hosting we are currently getting free.

    The pages that you see once you have logged into the website are created dynamically. That is they are created depending on who you are and what races you are going to and what the date is etc. This means that you are the only person who can update your details.

    The HTML that your browser shows is created by the host computer that holds our beloved website.

    To get these sorts of functions from other "non popup" hosting services would cost us arround £100 a month!!!

    Sorry if they are a pain but I think we will have to live with this for the moment.

  • Freaky,

    I will see what I can do about a help for the training log. But the idea is simple, you store your routes in the training log (new route) then when you have done a training session select the route you followed and fill in the other details and all is stored for you.

    The training log is very experimental and I will be interested to see what other people think, what they would like to see? would you like it to be public so we can all see what you are doing?
  • Not this week as its half term and I'll be lucky to do 20m
  • Have tried to put in my regular routes it will only let me log one and that it says it does not recognise and there is an error.
  • can you send me the error please can you also send me what you are trying to put in. It will help me debug


  • SB, it saysADODB. record set error '800aOccl' I can not delete or alter field or set any other routes.
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