All you ace runners out there, I have a really simple question for you.

I wear my shoe heels out on the outside first. Does that mean I over or under pronate?


  • It's not the heels that matter. Outside is just normal. Where is the wear (mouthful, sorry) on the front of your shoes?

    And you thought it might be simple :-)
  • ok, after close inspection of the shoes (running and normal) the wear fairly even with a minsicule bit more on the inside.

    After 10 years running, how can a girl not know how she pronates? Come to that I've only just invested in technical clothing.
  • Sounds like you are a pretty neutral runner to me,stick with cushioned shoes like the nike pegasus (example)and you will be fine.

    Don't worry about the technical terms just enjoy!
  • If you can borrow a video camera, set it up behind a treadmill, run at your normal training pace and then replay it in slow motion. This will show you what your ankles are doing in relation to your feet. If they appear to be "collapsing" inwards then I understand this is definite confirmation that you are pronating though you ought to check it out with a running shop as to how bad it is.

    Failing that and with only a miniscule bit more wear on the inside I guess that means you are a mild pronator in which case you have lots more & cheaper shoes available to you - lucky Pepsi!

    From comments on this forum it appears you can do more harm than good by buying stability or motion control shoes when you don't actually need them. "Neutral" shoes are safer if you can't get an expert opinion, but please do!
  • Well, Pepsi, you know that you should get your gait professionally analysed blah blah, but it sounds like you are pretty neutral, maybe a mild pronator. You should go for neutral type (Asics Cumulus/Nimbus??/Saucony Jazz?) to mild stability (NB 734/Asics 1070/2070, half a million others). Unless, like me, you are a bit on the heavy side (actually I'm a fat git), stay away from motion control or very stable shoes.

    Oh, and your last point, if it hasn't bothered you for 10 years, you can't have much wrong with your gait.
  • I got some Saucony Trigon shoes on Friday - they felt fab in the shop and also on my feet on Sunday. Thanks for your info on the achilles thread too Glenn.

    Happy running.

    Pronation - inward rolling
    Supination - outward

    Both motions are present in a neutral runner - it's only when they're excessive that they can cause problems.

    Millipede (very mild over-pronator, currently in Nike Air Span Triax)
  • Pepsi, heel strike on the outside is normal. If you have no recurring injuries, aches, pains etc, then I wouldn't worry and you are probably neutral.
  • Pepsi - what did you wear before you got the Trigons and which ones out of the 3 possibles did you get ? Am a big fan of Saucony, also Mizuno and need a new pair ASAP - our feet/gait sound pretty similar. Would be interested in your feedback on them before I trek all the way to Portsmouth to try some. What kind of running/distances do you do? Have always found the Saunconys great for road and off-road due to their triangular lugs.
  • Hi Twinkletoes,

    Before the Trigon I had Saucony Grid 3D and before that Saucony Omni. Have had Asics in the past, but Saucony are my all time favourites. Its like slipping into a pair of comfy slippers.

    I got the lightest Trigons (I'm only 54kg).
    I run 5 days a week on road/pavement, 4 x approx 9-10k and 1 long run which is currently only 12k (slowly working that up to marathon training length). One of the other runs is usually a tempo run.

    Only had one run in the Trigons so far, but I was very happy with them. I found when trying them on that I had to buy a half size larger than I usually do in a running shoe, even the other sauconys, as the shoes felt shorter than usual. Or maybe my feet have decided to start growing again after 15 years.

    Sorry about the kgs and kms. I'm from Oz and have trouble converting.
  • Agree about the Saucony Omnis. Put 'em on, you just gotta run! Unfortunately I'm running in Brooks Beasts (I'm whats euphemistically called a heavy runner) at the moment and short of the adding calipers, it is difficult to see how they could be more cumbersome. Wellington boots would be more responsive!
  • Imagine the looks and heckles you would get running along in a pair of wellies

  • Pepsi. I've seen Aussies playing rugby. They dont seem to have much trouble converting as far as I can see :-))
  • I guess that's the (only) difference between professional sports people and, well, me....
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