What do people read



  • Trail Runner sounds sexy in an 'outdoorsy glossy pics of places I'll never run but would love to way'- sort of Trail with sunshine?
  • GradgeGradge ✭✭✭
    Spot on the pictures in Trail Runner are stunning and even more so when you consider that you are extremely unlikely to ever go there.The RW "Rave Run" aint a patch on the ones in TR!!
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Er... I read women's glossies.Always Vogue, sometimes Cosmo. I cheat by buying them for my wife of course. As an excuse I subscribe to the Economist, New Scientist and Prospect, plus I get Accounting and Business posted to me every month, so I need some light relief.
  • Rob - I no longer read Transit, UET, LTT or GTO. These days I'm more of an ABC&D, PSB, PSLG, H&R type person. Ah! the joys of business to business magazines :-)

    Anyway, I still like Athletics Weekly and I think British Runner is excellent, if a little flimsy. Runners World is usually quite good, while Running Fitness is pants.

    Other than that, I read all the women's mags that missus buys, but I only read them when she's out.
  • I read RW and RF, But RW is much better. Is that sucking up or what?
    PS: Do I get a mention in Runners World for this?
  • There's clearly a trend here. I always have to fight Mrs Chimp to read FHM first.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Does Health and Efficiency count as a fitness magazine?
  • Can't stand womens glossies but despite this I subscribed to glamour when it first came out because
    a) it was on offer
    b) I am always waddling about either in running gear or comfy post running curling up on sofa gear and I thought I had space for some glamour in my life.
    However, it is the same as all the other womens mags which apparently are aimed at those who have botox in their lunch hour and don't know if they are looking for mr right or Mr right now.
    So now I have RW, Empire and AAT monthly or something, which lies around unread for a week before I get fed up and throw it away, plastic cover intact.
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Daisy, is that AAT as in Association of Accounting Technicians? I think there's enough of us out of the closet now to start our own thread.
  • Glenn, yes, I am struggling through technicians this year.
    Currently doing partnership accounts, and thinking about different cost variances on long runs, which just about takes my mind off how slowly I am running these days. Obviously my brain has expanded due to all the study and is now a greater weight for me to carry round.
  • My reading list:

    Sight and Sound
    When Saturday Comes
    World Soccer

    I used to like RF when it was printed on nicer paper. It had more interesting articles back then.

  • My subsrciption list is:

    Runners World (Marks: 9/10)
    Cycling Plus (9/10)
    Ultrafit (6/10) - Lots of ads, too many repeated articles, but does have some interesting items from time to time.
  • My list jumps around a bit being a random type.

    RW (as if I could avoid it!)
    Mountain Biking (dreamland of bikes i can't afford)
    Boards (excellent Windsurfing Mag)
    Split Screen Van Club Magazine (got to be one of dullest reads ever, even if you are into the vans)
    Windows 2000/.NET magazine (Zzzzz... for work research)

    oh, and may be the odd copy of Heat! top mindless drivel for reading on the train.
  • To extend my reading list:
    Athletics Weekly (but not weekly)
    New Scientist
    Nature (occasionally)
    School Science Review
    Organic Way
    Several Science/Education mags at work - I never remember the title and rarely remember the content.

    Oh yes - last week, my daughter's copy of Mizz - it seems to be only slightly more serious than the Mail on Sunday.

    The Beano - the best of the lot!
  • So no goodhousekeeping then???
  • In Dubai I can only buy 'Running Fitness' magazine from the newsagent, unfortunately.
    Subcriptions to this part of the world cost a bomb!
  • Living in Germany I can only get magazines by subscription, but my reading list is as follows:

    1. RW
    2. Top Gear (Sad blokes mag about cars)
    3. Evo (Even sadder blokes mag about fast cars)

    Compared to say EVO (I know they're about completely different topics!) I would say the quality of journalism and content in RW is only average and often I feel RW would benefit from more "life" orientated running stories rather than too much techno babble.

  • Totally agree Martin
  • Freeky I'll confess. When married did buy goodhousekeeping, well I was givena years subscription as an xmas pres (lack of imagination or what)! Now a singleton can indulge in whatever I want - cost allowing of course! Sorry no offence meant to anyone married, it's just a different way of life. Is there a thread here??
  • I subscribe to Runners World
    Read :
    - Running and Fitness - why don't some people like it - some issues are worse than others but the same goes for RW - I suppose filling a magazine with articles about running is going to get hard after a while!
    - Sometimes Cycling Plus or other cycling mags, I like the fitness/training advice that you get in cycling mags but as someone that has trouble fixing a puncture I'm afraid the technical bike stuff goes over my head. Of the 3 magazines mentioned I think Cycling Plus is probably the best but no real complaints about any of them.
  • er
    anyone noticed the picture under q+a? its someone running in a damp urban street rather than those sexy outdoors shots!

    touche RW
  • I buy RW most months, skim through Rf in the shop but rarely purchase, often skim through Ultrafit, personal Trainer, Men's Health, Women's Health... then move onto the really good mags: New Scientist, American Scinetific, Focus. Then i go to the library to read them for free!!
  • I am a subscriber to RW and have been for about 3 years. I also enjoy reading Peak Performance. Some of the articles get a bit bogged down in the maths / science (it is aimed at professionals in sport) but it is an interesting read. Often articles in other mags appear on similar subjects not long afterwards! www.pponline.co.uk offers PP for £10 a year if you opt to download it each month. They occasionally provide extra issues on specifics like injuries.

    I also read MBR - the mountain biking magazine and a good broadsheet!

  • I was in Mountainbiker International once!! A half page picture of me looking pretty tired in a race! I was so proud that I bought several copies and gave them to my family.

    I work in a library and read mags for free. I buy Trail though and daydream about all those walks too.
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