Protein Bars

Does anyone know where I can get reasonably priced, good, protein bars? I ask because I refuse to pay £3 a pop for them at GNC, and I don't like travelling with suspicious looking white/cream powder portioned up in folded white paper!



  • Hi Multi
    I buy mine from Tesco. They're called Perfect Balance - 21g protein, 20g carbs. They are whey protein and come in vanilla or chocolate orange. They are from memory £1.20 each. The website is - they are priced there at £36.00 for box of 24!
  • The ones in silver foil at Holland and Barrett are good - 85p each.

  • Cheers folks.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Multi, there's a shop near Embankment tube which has a good range, including the Perfect Balance stuff. You can also get a gold card for there which gives you 20% off.

    Holland & Barrett store on the same block as well.
  • multi i was going to suggest the white powder!

    if not, i'll second brian on the holland & barrett ones
  • Health and herbs sell high5 bars for 89P each but this is in Wales, not sure if they have a shop in othere parts of the country!!!
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  • Try - they often sell things like this at a discount.
  • High Five have an offer on at the moment, buy one box, get on free. Their protein recovery bars cost £32.25 for 25, with the offer you'd get 50 for £48.38. There would be delivery charges too obviously.
  • Their website, by the way is:
  • Peanut butter and jam sandwiches do the job for me.
  • Tuna mayo for me

  • Karl

    Thanks for High-% tip. Can't believe how much cheaper it all is!

    Just received my second wod of stuff!

  • just run with yer mouth open and chew on a few flies...after running last night i had no room for dinner!
  • Gavo - the shop's called Work Out World and it's where I buy mine too.

    Individual High5 bars are a quid each. By the time you've added postage to the web offers - it's the cheapest source around.

    If you come out of Embankment tube to the north, turn left immediately (under the bridge) and it's there on your right.

    And the GO isotonic gels are a quid too.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Blackers - I was there last week to renew my loyalty card, I just don't always remember the name of the shop.

    Obviously looking at my card would be a start but that's too logical.
  • I had a look at the High 5 website but the only bars I could find were carbs, not Carbs + protein - did I miss them?
  • From memory, Shirl, the protein recovery bars are the ones priced at about £32, the 'sports' bars (carbs and protein) are about £24. Try looking again by price and you might see them. (Their website is not a great model of e-commerce, is it?)
  • High 5

    25 Sports bars = £24.25
    order another box and get it for £12.00.
    50 bars for £36.25 (+ approx £3 pp) = 78.5p each.

    25 Protein bars = £32.25
    order another box and get it for £16.00.
    50 bars for £48.25 (+ approx £3 pp) = £1.02 each.

    Plus on both of my orders I got about £5 worth of 'freebies'/sample pack!

    All bars at:

    (Sorry, can't do the hyperlinks thingie!)
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    You don't do enough exercise to get rid of all them Multi. I'll pop over and pick up some to help you out.

    No need to thank me yet, it's all part of the service.
  • Thanks Karl and Multi. Found them, but unfortunately they are soy, so not suitable.
  • The H & B ones in silver foil are carbs+protein (unless memory deceives me) and don't have soy in them (unless memory etc).

    They do vanilla, banana and another flavour I think, only 85p.

    But as other have hinted, the protein they contain really isn't any different to that in tuna, chicken, kidney beans etc.

    I occasionally have them as a convenient snack.
  • Soy???

    sheesh - have you started growing manboobs yet??
  • Thanks Bryan. I'll check out the H&B ones this afternoon. I'm not that fond of animal protein so I find the bars useful as a standby snack too.
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