Good gear, Bad gear

I've just come back from a run in my nice new Nike long sleeve running top. The Nike label said Dri-fit and I've had their stuff before and been pleased. The Sweatshop label said Thermal and it wasn't too heavyweight, seemed just what I was looking for...

Until I got back and caught sight of the huge sweat circles under my arms, around my neck and down my back. Good job it wasn't that cold! So take my advice and save your £22.

On the up side, I got some very, very nice Mizuno Wave Riders...


  • Shows it's all down to personal preferences as the worst shoes I've ever had were Mizunu Waves. Hated them. My mate swears by Dri-fit tops but I'm not keen. Much prefer Helly Hansen or better still (though ridiculously expensive) those by Swedish firm Peak Performance. They are the dogs b's but £35 is a bit steep
  • The Capilene stuff by Patagonia seems to work reasonably well but you'll have to go to an outdoors/camping type shop to find it.
  • I've got a Nike Dri-Fit T shirt and dry it aint! Sucks up sweat nearly as much as cotton. Best T I've got is actually a Low Alpine from Blacks, the camping store.
  • Just invested in a long sleeved Helly Henson, its been the best that I have run in for wicking away sweat.
  • Craft Pro. Swedish stuff costing EUR 30.50 for the long-sleeved T-shirt. Black, Navy, grey or (transparent...) white. Totally functional as most Swedish stuff tends to be. (I'm sure you wouldn't haved guessed that I drive a Volvo...)
  • Robert, I'm a big fan of Peak Performance gear (Swedish) but I've never heard of Craft Pro. Have you got any more info?

    Ann, agree with you about Helly tops
  • They have a website at (including an English version), but apparently no UK distributor.

    I bought mine in Holland where they came out first in a comparative test.

  • FYI, there was a test in "Which?" magazine this month or last (I read it in the local library) testing thermals... they did it reasonably objectively and also tested wash resistance. At least they explianed why my Hellys all seem to end up being too small for me!
  • I use Ron Hill stuff which has 'Aquaduct' on the label and seems to be very effective. It's quite cheap aswell £15 for a t-shirt, £20 for a long sleeve.
  • Graham, What did they say about Helly's?
  • I think they approved of their wicking ability but were less impressed with their tendancy to shrink in the wash. I have to say that I've tried others but always keep coming back to HH: although I'm not sure that the present ones are quite so good as the legendary "smelly" Hellys of 5-10 years ago. They do help with your social acceptability, however!
  • Graham, I don't think they are as good but I actually prefer the thinner fabric though I think I actually miss the smell. My washer woman reckons it's tumble dryers that shrink them. She may be right
  • Never put a Helly in the dryer, madness.
  • I personally like Asics minimesh tops. Bit difficult to come by, so usually buy a stack when I see them!
  • I'd agree with a couple of posts on the prev page. Fairly new to running, but find that Lowe Alpine Dryflo tops that I use when out mtn biking & hill walking are also excellent for running.
    The Ronhill Aquaduct fabrics also excellent value, JE James cycles, Sheffield are selling lsleeved zipped for £15 at the mo, excellent value.
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