Tuesday Session - 22 October

What time? Why, time for me to put this thread up while still on the Forum at a silly hour, of course!

This is my master plan for tomorrow:

What: Intervals. Taking it comparatively easy, however, as I had a long run today. I'll go for it harder on Thursday.
Why: Tuesday is when I do my intervals.

Last hard: Will be today, tho not that hard.
Last rest: Sunday


  • For today, not tomorrow, I meant (doh)
  • You beat me by 30 secs and I thought I had Hoodwinked you with the holiday thing.
  • Unlucky!

    Never mind, twice as many people can post their training schedules now (come on, all you wallflowers..)
  • Euch !! what a totally yuk day here in Aberdeen

    What : 5 mile & probably he eliptical trainer too
    Why: schedule says so
    Last rest day : Friday
    Last hard day : Yesterday - ended up doing al lot more than intended but felt really good for it.

    Have a nice day
  • Not looking as bad down here in the Midlands, but I think I'll stick to the gym tonight...
    What: gym session including fast paced 3 miles on treadmill
    Why: it's what I do on Tuesdays!
    Last rest day: Sunday
    Last hard day: Thursday.
    Happy training folks!!
  • Horrible in Brum again. Slightly less cold and dark than at the same time yesterday, but the weather still gets a big "could do better".

    What: Hoping to run 5-6 miles this afternoon.
    Why: Haven't run since Thursday and need to do something. Just hope I can sneak out of work between morning surgery and "in-practice training". If not, gym tonight.
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
    Last hard day: Saturday.
  • Morning all - well its still cold, wet and foggy here in the north east.

    What: Not sure (going to the club tonight, feeling abit guilty coz I haven't been for ages - but hopefully I an convince them to do some speed work or hills)
    Why: Tuesday is speed or strength day

    Last hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Saturday
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Morning - Hants- still raining, but only 5 days until Cyprus (only 25degrees!)

    What : steady hour off road
    Why : Started my 'rest' fortnight and want to get some off road miles in for my first x-country attempts.(99.5% of my running is on road/pavements)
    Last Rest : Saturday
    Last Hard : Sunday
  • Club run tonight 1 or 2 hours depending on how I feel and weather.
  • Morning all – foggy up here and 4 degrees

    What : Tempo Run – anywhere from 5 to 8 miles
    Why : Last run before hols

    Last Hard Day: Friday
    Last Rest Day : Yesterday

    The BBC weather forecast for Cyprus is a sunny 29 :o)

  • Morning

    What: already done 1 hour of weights in the gym. Nice 6 mile tempo run tonight
    Why: need to get as much exersize in before Saturday as work will then own me for the next 4 days (buisness trip to the states)

    Last hard: kinda yesterday, as 5.5 became 7 due to flooded path but didnt feel hard more inspiring!
    Last rest: Sunday
  • Tonight: gym session
    Why: normally go twice a week, but haven't been much lately due to racing lots
    Last hard day: Sunday (Cabbage Patch 10)
    Last easy day: yesterday (legs hurt!)

    Quite looking forward to the gym actually. Means I can be warm and inside without feeling guilty!

  • Well, just about recovered from the weekend so...

    What: 9 mile fartlek (3 x long efforts) with club
    Why: Last hard run before Sundays race
    Last hard run: Sunday
    LAst rest day: Yesterday
  • Sun's just coming out in Nottingham!

    What: 4-6 miles with the club
    Why: it's club night
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: sunday
  • what: 8 mile speed-endurance off road... 'pyramid' of 1,2,3,4 min fast/slow then back down, finish off with some short hills
    why: monday (if not raced previous day) or tuesday plus thursday are my designated speedwork days
    last hard day: race on Sunday
    last rest day: couple of weeks back
  • Yep, i'm glad I waited for an afternoon session around Charnwood forest (Leics), as the sun's just started to make an appearance.

    What: Long run (10m)
    Why: That time of the week

    Last hard: Friday
    Last rest day: Yesterday
  • WW -what DO you mean, 'depending on the weather'? Didn't anyone tell you, there's no such thing as bad weather only wrong clothing!

    What: steady 10km at lunch.
    Why: Maintenance run.
    Nothing tonight - Tues/Thurs evening is time for dog training instead!
    Last hard run: Berlin marathon
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
  • What: gym this afternoon
    Why: try and go to the Gym Tues and Thurs
    Last hard day: Mon
    Last rest day: Sun
  • What: resting this evening
    Why: I have a XC race tomorrow
    Last hard day: Sunday
    Last rest day: Friday
  • Modification to mine necessary:

    What: 10 mile cycle, 400m swim
    Why: Felt a slight knee twinge (probably from my long run on sunday) so didn't want to risk running, specially speedwork. I used to play the big macho man with injuries but nowadays I know the score.

    Last hard day: Sunday
    Last rest day: Today.
  • What: 35 min recovery run + upper body strength work
    Why: first run since Sunday half marathon
    Last hard day: Sunday
    Last rest day: yesterday

    Right achilles now back on speaking terms. Left one has still got a monk on.
  • Great expression Glenn

    missus Godzilla is running well and progressing much past the i have to stop at every lampost stage.

    my training is somewhere up the creek without paddle - and I will need to improve motivation somewhat before my next 10km in 11 days oops...
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