Will my cheque be cashed before December

Desperate to know if I am in FLM, does anyone know if they cash the cheques before sending out confirmation notices.


  • Yes, if you're in via the ballot in previous years I've had my cheque cashed aroung 11/12 November and then had the acceptance notice in early December. It's probably a bit early to be looking at your bank statement just yet!

    Good luck.

  • How much was the entry ? I can't remember, and can't find the cheque book stub to refer to !
  • It was something like £23 affiliated and £27 unattached - just from memory though!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I sent £27, and I'm unaffiliated, so your memory is pretty good Tim. Sounds about right for the affiliated, but I'm not 100% sure.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    yup £27, but if you donate your fee , you'll have to wait for the December yes/no letter.
    I hate it when you get the parcel (containing reject gift) rather than a flimsy letter!
  • Yes Dustin is right - if your cheque is cashed and YOU HAVE NOT "bequeathed" your entry fee to charity you are in

    Good luck

    My Guide to entering the London Marathon.
  • Oops - just posted a broken link - that should have read:

    My Guide to entering the London Marathon.
  • I've taken the plunge and entered the FLM in what may be my first ever marathon if I get in. Would be interested to hear what chance a first time entrant has of getting in or is it just pure luck? Also, I chose not to bequeath my fee if unsuccessful, do you think this has any bearing on it?
  • NB - as far as we know - just pure luck.

    If you do bequeath then you get put into a further raffle for more places though.

    Ho hum - the fleece looks nice this year though.
  • Hey Cougle

  • I hope the fleece is good - I still use the watch I got from bequeathing my fee in 2001.

  • What! I never realised this running business might involve me actually checking my bank statement. Surely this is akin to opening Pandora's box, and not to be carelessly recommended on the forum? I may just wait for the parcel.
  • What is the gift if you are rejected?

    A training guide for 2004 possibly.
  • So if I'd have been a meanie (which i actually wanted to be, but the thought of an extra 1000 places up for grabs persuaded me to bequeath the fee) I'd actually have found out I was in / out sooner? ARRGHHH! Batspit and bugsblood! I hate suspense. I'm the sort of person who reads the last page of novels first.
  • I agree about the fleece looking nice but won't it just scream "REJECTED" every time you wear it? I suppose on the up-side, at least your running mates won't have to ask whether you got your place or not - they'll see the fleece and know!! I can't exactly say I'll wear mine with pride, but at least it will keep me warm on my walks to the pub (well, I won't have to train so much if I don't get my place will I!!!).
  • LarsLars ✭✭✭
    Let us make a rejected run (if we not get in). Everyone will run in his/her new fleece. It will look like the Nike 10k.
  • sounds good to me ... we can arrange it via the forum and do it on the same day as the FLM out of protest!!
  • You get the fleece if you are in or not. You get it just for bequething the fee. So no one will ever know.

    Bad news about having to wait til december tho :-(
  • I really want to know now. When I entered I wasn't bothered even though it will be my first marathon but now I have started training I will be gutted if I don't get in.
  • I got tempted by the 1000 extra places too back in 1999 and it didn't help - I still didn't get in!

    After that I was determined to get via a charity place and run wearing the rject T-shirt, just because I thought it would look ironic!
  • hoping to get in as last time i ran a marathon was newcastle 82 i was 22 and did not train it was a dare 3h 50 mins .didnt walk for 2 weeks after so i am training hard hope you all get in too good luck.
  • The fleece doesn't mark you as a reject - get a charity place and then you have a unique training top :)
  • Hi all - I didn't bequeath and I am now £27 shy in my account as of today; I hope I'm in since I've just yelped in celebration and ran up and down the stairs to check the stubb of my cheque book. It tallies! Fingers crossed to all.
  • I am looking forwards to meeting lots of you on the startline. I think DW, when he gets back from Dublin, if he gets back from Dublin, will have to do a kit order in the Early new Year for London Marathon Runners, Just think of us all there in out blue and yellow tops. This has to be worth a photo Sean!!!!

  • If you are in then please join the URWFRC web site (click here) and enter your details and estimated time on the site then we can all arrange to meet...
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