Sweatproof sunblock

Being fair-skinned and not wanting to turn into a lobster on the big day (even if it is for charity), can anybody recommend a sweat-proof sunblock?

It's either wear sunblock or a gorilla suit and the sunblock should be more comfortable...


  • Try P20, see www.p20.co.uk

    I'm also fair skinned and whilst I haven't used it while running a marathon, I did use it on shorter runs and as general protection last summer and didn't burn once.
  • just be a little careful of waterproof sunblocks, they can stop you sweating properly!!!! Read the instruction leaflet very carefully
  • I just bought this a few weeks ago for FLM as I am delicate little flower.I got mine from Superdrug


    I never realised this I better read instructions:-(
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  • WP

    even contact the manufacturers, and explain what you are doing. I am fairskinned and have to say in my first flm, i put some cream and it all sweated away by cutty sark. I was slightly pink when i finished on my shoulders, that was sub 4:30.

    I now just accept i am going to have a mild sunburn on the day. A hat is much more important for me so my bald bits dont get too red.
  • I like Proderm products. They come as a mousse (easy to apply)and claim to require only one application every 6 hours. Manufacturers also say products are waterproof and sweatproof and even light-towel-drying proof.

    I wore the stuff in Sardinia, snorkelling - think exposed pink British back - and never came close to sunburn.

    Trouble is, its hard to find. Sometimes see it in Tesco, Sainsbury, Superdrug, but they usually stock it only for a short time then whip it off the shelves again.

    Anyway, dark blue can with orange top, if you want to check it out.
  • P20 is brilliant stuff, however, don't apply after shaving!!! OUCH!

    or... If you have sensitive skin like me, you'll find for the first couple of days that it'll sting a wee bit, but it gets better... I used it in Cyprus in the middle of summer (40 degrees+) and didn't burn!
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