Insomnia stinks

It's nearly 3am!!!

And I can't sleep. Stupid worrying. But I'm still tired. Oh, I can't wait for dawn, light always makes things seem better.


  • Always been a night owl...but just done 8 miles, so sleep should be coming soon! :o)

    I agree it's hell if you can't sleep.Hope you get off soon.

    BBC news 24 is often a good tranquilizer...
  • (((((((((((Hilde))))))))))

    ...from one who knows.
  • funny that, no sleep for me tonight either. gave up around 3, played a game for a bit, watched Stella Street The Movie and caught The Streets "Fit but you know it" on the music telly, interesting style, not really a group I'm particularly into even remotely. Kelis "Milkshake" not as good as "I hate you so much right now" but always a pleasure to watch the lady (makes mental note to go see her live) shan't bother trying to catch any zzzzs now it's dawn. May go out for walk for some fresh air :)
  • Hilde, me thinks you've got insomnia and incontinence mixed up. Now that really does stink! x
  • Well at least I managed to fall asleep at around 4am then.

    And I get to give my lecture this afternoon on only four hours sleep.

    And it's snowing.

    Please, god, I want to finish my thesis.
  • Hildegard,
    Just some sympathy. Nothing worse, is there? Hopefully you'll be really tired and sleep well tonight.
    Good luck with the lecture.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    i really enjoyed my students days (nights) when studying the whole nite.

    Now I don't like to be awake at nights unless I really need it.
  • i had a bit of that when i was about parents said listen to music so i put on some depeche mode...which wasnt what they mum got her barbra streisand saddo tape (yes tape) out... god - the one about the street lamp still sends shivers up me spine....still didnt work though...they sat by the bed one by one asking me what was wrong,,,,,i didn't know...stepdad even gave me a "drink" you know - a grown up one - to help. but he didnt give me enough......

    i grew out of it eventually
  • ...what? Drink!?!
  • Sympathies - I'm having tremendous difficulty getting any proper sleep at work these days.
  • Hilde - "And they all lived happily ever after. The End". Easy!
  • I once didn't sleep for three months, when I was 19. Now that was bad!

    Only one person bothered to show up at my lecture, so I just gave her the text, explained a few things on the blackboard, and then we had coffee instead.

    And I still get paid 65 quid.

    Home now, but too tired to go for a run though... :(((
  • Big hugs Hildy.

    Are you getting enough natural light? If not then that could be disturbing your natural rhythms.

    Mr J has terrible insomnia but he listens to radio 4 on headphones and it sends him right off :-)
  • Yes, we have lots of light now JJ! (Finally!) More than 12 hours a day. It's just work stress, as well as life stress. The usual culprits. :)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Try going for a walk instead of a run Hildy. Some fresh air and (gentle) exercise might help.

    And can you buy Horlicks over there - tastes nasty, but it does the trick for me.
  • Walked home (30 minutes) today, instead of cycle home and 30 minute run.

    I like Horlicks! But if I could find it here, it would probably cost too much to justify buying it.

    Still... must do some work now.
  • sorry to hear your not getting you beauty sleep hilde ,mrs mentions diy and im out like a light.amazeing you know all lethargic and drift off into a dribbler?
  • hey Hilde, just read your thread. I took prescription sleeping tablets and herbal ones last night, the combination seemed to do the trick. Probably not to be recommended though.

    I got so desperate that I bought the Paul McKenna sleep hypnosis CD - then lay awake all night puzzling over the grammatical mistakes littering his 'soothing' words. I would suggest drinking too much but that doesn't help either - however, at least you don't remember being awake!

  • I was on track for a good night's sleep last night, but then my brother rang me at 11:30! But I think I have enough running energy today. Must eat lots to compensate!
  • Hildy..I wouldn't lose sleep over insomnia!
  • Ah Barkles, always a man of much wisdom!
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