What can you see out of your window

Out of my window on this grey wet morning I can see the Hanger Lane gyratory system ... an inspiration for both body and mind

What can you see out of your nearest window?


  • Houses, houses and er houses, not forgetting rain
  • Rain, a few trees hiding us from the road, rain, a few cars in the car park....

    and rain..

    Debating whether to run lunchtime....
  • Thanks RB I forgot the tree.
  • The most gorgeous hills around with a slight mist covering the peaks.....

    Ahhh! breath taking!!!!!
  • RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN, Tower Bridge and RAIN!!
  • Lucky to have a window...
  • Did I mention rain????
  • The terrace outside the office of Avis Europe in Sunny Bracknell with some disused garden furniture and the tops of the odd tree.
  • You lucky people, I'm at work and don't even have a window. All I an see is a lilac wall, Oh and of course my computer screen.

    We have abit of a power divide in my office, all of the senior staff sit on one side of the room with the windows and new computers. All the rest of us sit on the other side with the lilac walls and computers that belong in a museum.
  • Rain, traffic, people with brollies up, more rain, more traffic, good ol' London!

  • Jeffsy

    Surely it's not sunny in Bracknell!!! And raining everywhere else in the country? Do you have a personal sun that follows you around?
  • No, but I have a bad smell that follows me around.

    It is currently 31 celsius in Bracknell and everyone is in shorts,
  • I spent years working in a dark room and in some cases - never saw daylight for weeks so now have 4 large windows to soak up all that lovely daylight and gorgeous views!!!

    (sorry Simon - don't want to make you jealous!!)
  • I'm not jealous Foxy


    [SR - just drying off now from cold shower - feeling much better]
  • From the horizon inwards:

    Rolling hills with autumn trees
    Open field/park with more autumn trees
    Network of 7 linked roundabouts
    Barratts building site as they create 9 stories of apartments (flats to you & I) which will totally block out all the other views when it's finished :-(

  • Jeffsy

    I am going to apply for a job with Waitrose in the land of the eternal sunshine.

  • They don't have a Waitrose on Plant Mercury.

  • Well, it's about time they did - everywhere should have one - especially Plants(!)
  • Ducks, moorhens, blue tits, great tits, coal tits, green finches, robins, dunnock, wood pigeon, jay, collared dove, a nuthatch, magpies, jackdaws, a skulking cat and a lawn that needs cutting. The joys of having a back garden!
  • what about that pile of washing up DB - isn't that obscuring your view?
  • My back garden, mainly grass, with lots of brown leaves on it. Table and two chairs that don't stand a chance of being used until next April, by which time I'll have moved anyway! Lots and lots of trees, shrubs and bushes. Had to move my desk a while ago so that it no longer faces the window. Kept finding myself halfway through a sermon just gazing at the garden!
  • DB: What I wouldnt give for Great Tits in my garden.
  • Foxy, No washing up to do today my woman is at home.

    Jeffsy, That was too obvious.
  • Obvious that I wanted them or an obvious joke?
  • Definitely the latter, but on past performance the former as well.
  • Jeffsy, would that be a pair?
  • In this weather they might be blue!!
  • There goes another perfectly decent thread!

  • Doesn't take long these days
  • Why, does anyone know where I can get some?
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