Has anyone tried these yet?

If so are they any good?


  • I've got a pair. They are really light and to be honest I wouldn't even consider using them on anything longer than a 5K race. When I first wore them, on the tready, my knees started to hurt after 2K.

    They are a bit gimicky, but I had to have a pair anyway at only £25. Am waiting until the summer when I can try them out on a proper race.
  • Thanks Keef

    Yeah i thought at £25 it may be worth a go?!

    Im just over 9st so they wont get to much of a pounding.
  • 9 stone !?

    (makes mental note to never ever do hilly ride with JLK)
  • Im not a skiny 9st if thats possible?

    I must have titanium bones!!
  • I am 8st 10lbs at the moment and I won't be using my Mayflys for anything other than 5ks during the summer.I think that the bulk of the weight has been saved on the very unstructured upper which has no support at all. The midsole isn't as thin as you would think.
    Use them sparingly for really important short races where a PB is on the cards.
  • Im 10st 7lbs and they dont give my legs a pounding at all. I used the streak Vapor's alot for my faster training funs and find that im quite efficient with lighter trainers. The most cushioned shoe iv got is the Asics Gel ds trainer. Not heavy at all.

    Got my 5k pb in mayflys. 15:52, knocking 8 seconds off my last pair of racers time.
  • Had a pb in my mayflys as well, 15.11!!Its partly psychological,knowing you have yellow slippers on your feet!!
  • I don't like mine - sole is pretty thick raising you off ground, with minimal support from upper. Feels not very stable to me.

    Now using NB RC150s - almost same weight, but much lower to ground and offering much better feel of the road. And hard wearing enough for long term use - I've run 100 miles in mine in the last 10 days, with no discomfort and minimal wear.

    Nike could thin out the sole, shed lots of weight and also improve the shoe, I feel.
  • You'l injure yorself doing that kind of training in those.
  • Mayfly, a third the price of racers, last third the cost. Pointless or what??
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