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I have had a nightmare cold for the last week. One of those ones thats not severe but persistant. I just cant shake it. I hadnt run in a week and went out yesterday and couldnt do a mile (I was up to 5 non stop). I have entered the Reebok 10 k in 4 weeks time. Iam going to leave training for the end of the week and eat a crate of oranges in the mean time. any advice, am i doomed??



  • No, you're not doomed. Get yourself to Boots with the following shopping list...

    - Vitamin C (1000mg tablets).
    - Zinc tablets.
    - Echinacea tablets.

    Take these, stay OFF the Lemsip and you'll be sorted in no time.

  • I'm a beginner and have just completed my fourth Great North Run - lots of walking and some slow jogging! This time as on previous runs - my hands became really swollen and painful during the run. I wasn't the only one as I spoke to another lady suffering the same.

    I'm very overweight and don't train much before these events (shame on me I know!)are these the reasons for the swollen hands? Or is it something else? I sometimes get the same symptom while sitting still for a length of time too. I'd appreciate your thoughts.
    (PS I really am trying to lose weight as we speak but have the willpower of a dead horse - any advice would be more than welcome!)

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Wheezer, a few days rest, aspirin and plenty of fluids will see off most colds and their remains. Vitamin C probably won't speed up your recovery, but I always find it perks me up a bit during a cold.

    Jane - swollen hands are very common, and I think are related to circulation rather than weight. Wriggling your fingers every so often helps, as (apparently) does holding them above your head (but you do look a bit silly). If you need help and encouragement losing weight, there's a daily thread on the Heath & Injury forum (used to be called "Fat Club" but it now changes daily - today's is "getting +ve and slender club) where people post targets/achievements/exercise and also some general support stuff. Give it a go - you'll be made welcome.
  • Thanks Nessie - Visited it and I've plastered myself across the screen and bared my all....well metaphorically speaking!

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