Low resting heart rate and shallow breathing at night

This thread is for the benefit of my wife, who is convinced I have an abnormality.

That may be true image

I am 52, currently run 30 - 40 miles a week, slightly overweight but otherwise in good shape. My resting heart rate has been as low as 36. I was waiting in pre op for a procedure on my eye and was about to have a general anaesthetic. My BP was taken. In my pre running days, my BP was high, bordering on having to have medication. So I naturally look the other way and think calming thoughts when the cuff is put on my arm. The nurse called for the doc in a slightly alarmed tone. It was the resting heart rate causing concern. I explained that I did 'a bit of running' and they accepted that as an explanation but said they didnt like it below 40 for general anaesthetic.

Anyway, recently my wife has been saying that my breathing when I'm asleep is so shallow that its almost imperceptible. She sometimes nudges me to see if I'm still alive. She even reckons that I don't even respond when nudged. She really believes I won't wake up one day (which is inevitable one day I guess image)

Can anyone give me some reassurance and medical info that will help? I am getting grief every time I go out for a run at the moment. (just did a 17 miler and didnt have my phone on me - not impressed)

Many Thanks




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