I cannot believe I have been off roaded for the last week by , of all things a blister on my heal !! Still at least it'll give my itb chance to recover and I can while away the evenings by doing Mrs Mercurys list of important jobs. Managed to find a nice grass circuit a mile round with a hill section, shouldve realised really , its at the school where I spent many a day staring out of the window......


  • The same happened to me recently. Haven't had a blister since 1999, wearing the same trainers that I wore for the FLM this year I did a steady 5 mile run one lunchtime, felt nothing and woke up the next day with a large blister in the arch of my foot, it went a bit sceptic (very sore) and I continued to run but I was in agony! Weird!
  • I wear a fairly heavy-duty ankle support for off-road running (due to recurring major ligament strain). The support never used to cause me problems, but in the last couple of weeks it has been rubbing the top of my foot as well as my heel.

    I've tried Canvas tape, micropore tape, Band Aid's and Compeed, but nothing seems to cure the problem....

    Any ideas?
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