Exercise Induced Asthma?

I'm probably just being a hypochondriac....

When I finished the GNR I was wheezing and finding it really quite hard to breathe. Within a couple of minutes I was OK again. I had a similar experience at the end of my first 10k. My lungs feel tight and I can't seem to get them full of air. Does this sound like exercise induced asthma? Should I go to the doctor about it? I never have these symptoms at any time other than just after an exceptional (for me)physical effort.



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  • millipede

    suffering from EIA for all 26 years of my life, those symptoms sound familiar!

    best to get yourself down the docs and ask for an asthma test on a tredmill. they get you to run at various speeds and see what your rection is.

    i get it in the summer (hayfever triggers it) and on cold winters days.

    a ventolin inhalyer helps a lot when you have an attack but as you can see its not too inhibiting and the fitter you get the lesser the symptoms

    dont worry you wont die! :)

    non EIA is much more dangerous and serious and people do die from such attacks!
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