Heel spurs!

Helloooo fellow runners!

 Hoping you lovely lot can help me.

Have been plagued with injuries this year, an x ray this week confirms I have a heel spur which is killing me and means I can't run on it. I generally run 5/6 times a week, training for my 8th marathon. Was supposed to be doing Lochness Marathon in 5 weeks which is now looking rather unlikely, but I need to be back on the road by Christmas for Paris and London!

 Dr. was useless and said if I like I can refer to a podiatrist but unsure what they will say and 'try stay off my feet' and take ibroprofen! Thanks! Has anyone had similar? Any successful pain relief/treatment tips?

  Any advice greatly received.

   Amy x


  • Hello Amy, just joined RW forum and need some help with my heels spurs. I hope you are rid of yours by now! Tell me, did you run while you were suffering or did you stop completely? I haven't run for a good four months and it's driving me crazy. I've had physio and done shock-wave therapy and now wear splints at night - which seem to be helping in so far that I don't have pain when I walk first thing in the morning. But ..... I am dying to get out and run again. Can you give me any advise?
  • Hi - did you both manage to sort out your heel spur problems in the end?

    I have one and have just completed a course of shockwave treatment but I am not convinced it has worked. All incredibly frustrating.
  • i am an athlete in a jogging college i have heel pain for almost 2 months and ask for jogging shoes advice
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