Running with epilepsy

Having suffered a couple of seizures recently, my family is concerned that this could happen when I'm out running (more so if I'm out early in the morning, or way out on some quiet country lane). Does anyone use, or know of, any suitable devices (or apps) that can be used to track my location if something happens when I'm training? (Or even if I'm just out for a pint of milk.) I'm getting an ID bracelet, but my wife reckons I also need something with a bit of GPS. (I'm a bit old-school and I don't use a Garmin or one of those things that bleeps every mile, so any advice would be useful. Thank you!)


  • The garmin fenix 3 let's you alert people that you're out training and they can track you. You'd need to take your phone with you too though to transmit so you may as well just use an app like find my phone? Do you have a smart phone?
  • Yes, I'm not that old-school image I'll check out Find my Phone. Thanks!

  • Yes, I'd suggest the 'Find my friends' App on an iPhone is the perfect solution, both for running and non-running. Your wife/family can track your phone on a map and see where you are at any given time. It will make it hard for you to have an affair, but will help your family track you down if the worst happens and you are taken to a hospital or whatever. Best of luck.
  • Hi- I found the website while googling running with epilepsy. I have always been a slim fit active person. In 2016 I was hit by a motorcycle as a pedestrian. I have had a craniectomy and two cranioplasties (The second after I suffered two seizures -though didn’t know that’s what they were-and fractured the original PMMA (plastic) cranioplasty...while out running on my own)
    I also had a broken neck, right side paralysis, was in a coma for a couple weeks and have lost my left peripheral vision during the accident in 2016.
    I now have a titanium skull so that’s fixed the skull, but I have been diagnosed with epilepsy. Seizures are brought on my lack of sleep and emotional stress.
    I am happy to say that mobility and and fitness have returned. I worked with a trainer in 2018, do Pilates twice a week and have started swimming with a coach once a week.
    I am really keen to run again but a little hindered by my confidence and the voices of well meaning concerned loved ones. Thoughts?
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