travel insurance


In the past I have had single trip travel insurance for the few odd holidays abroad.

 I now have an annual policy to cover me until May next year...

I have booked  a big holiday for June next year.....

How do i get cover for it.

I take it if I become ill in April this year my current policy wouldnt cover me as the trip is after  the policy ends.......but I couldnt then get renewed cover and claim for cancellation as I would already be unfit to travel...




  • Obvious question, but what do your T&Cs say?

    I have a policy attached to my bank so it just runs continuously.


    Hi seren -   I would suggest you contact your current insurer and ask their advice.  

    If they're not willing to help I would take out a new annual policy with another insurer.  You may have to cancel your current policy and you might lose a bit of money but at least you'd be covered.

  • thanks.. yes contacted them. I would have been fine and covered as long as I renewed next may without a break.....

    But unfortunately I only took out European cover and need worldwide there was an extra payment.....but not too much

     glad its sorted..




    seren - worth the extra money then, good to hear it's all sorted,

    Are you off to do an Ironman somewhere exciting?

  • Seren - have you checked that your insurer is OK with racing over marathon distance (I think I know what your big trip is from another threadimage ). Worth checking, as many don't. I've gone with Dogtag in the past, they have policies that cover everything up to and including the Marathon des Sables.
  • dagtag or snowcard do race cover 

  • Shades I am doing Comrades as part of my anniversary big trip....

    From ironman races in the past i know I will have to get specific travel insurance to cover the race


    seren - I've heard such good reports about the Comrades you'll have an amazing time

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