Plantar Fasciitis

Having not worn proper shoes for the past 3 weeks on holiday apart from on the odd occasion my Zoots to go for short runs, I developed Plantar Fasciitis.  Never suffered with this before and I can vouch for the fact it's bloody painful especially first thing in the morning.

With IM Weymouth fast approaching I needed a treatment and quick cure.

Look no further than this bad boy from Wiggle.

Delivered at 9am Tuesday morning having ordered it at 6pm Monday evening, I've worn it twice overnight and whilst chilling on the sofa.  This morning I can report an almost complete absence of pain and full movement of ankle and foot in all directions. Thoroughly recommended bit of kit if you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis.


  • I've used these in the past ... also known as a strassburg sock 

    swear by them 

  • Jeez, that looks like something even Torquemada would blanch from using.

    Could never wear something like that it would drive me mad not having my foot free. I suffered with PF a lot earlier this year and stuck with the tennis ball massage and stretching method.

  • I've found the tennis ball massage method really helpful - as painful as it can be!
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