Arrival of the RW watch

At long last, my subscription-gift RW watch turned up yesterday...but could I get the damn thing to work? No way. I spent about half an hour fiddling with button A, button B, button C etc but failed miserably to set it to the right time. Anyone else had any luck??


  • The instructions are not the easiest in the world. Unless it's broke I can only suggest perseverence.
  • Lets face it, the blue RW watches are perhaps not the best thing that the magazine has produced....
  • Meerkat
    My watch has arrived too! Sorry - but I find it quite easy to use. I'll say no more.
  • Meerkat

    I too had problems with mine and now do not use it!
  • God there's no pleasing some people is there? Quality magazine. Top web-site and a free watch all for about 3 quid a month!! When I were a lad................
  • ACW

    Did you get yours to work?
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    When I were a lad they hadn't invented digital watches. I'm not sure they'd got to sundials actually.

    To be honest the watch is putting me off taking out a subscription...
  • Yes but dont ask me how. Mrs Chimp broke it though so I had to go out and buy a Timex 30 lap memory Ironman (ha!) Cant tell you how disappointed I wasnt.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I've already got a running watch so I don't need another - couldn't RW offer an alternative as an incentive to take out a subscription? I'd quite like that distance-measuring software or something like it.

    I haven't bothered subscribing to RW because 1) my mum treats me to it each month, bless her and 2) I don't want another watch!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I got my 1st RW watch last winter and got it to work relatively quickly with some help from a mate on my 1st run. Got another watch recently when I re-subscribed which I then gave away. It would have been nice to have been given the option of the Accuroute software or whatever else may be on offer as a freebie. My RW watch is now broken so I'm using a Timex one (had to figure this one out on my own).

    Broken watch anyone?
  • I thought they were offering Accuroute now. I never got that to work either.
  • Very happy to concede that it may well be my technical ineptitude rather than the's one female stereotype I sadly fit into. Time to get male techie work friends on the job...
  • Couldn't get mine to work either so stuffed it in the bottom of a drawer somewhere. Too ashamed to aske Mr P how to make it work.
  • My friend subscribed and got the watch, couldn't make it work so gave it to me. I can't make it work either and, worse still, I can't disable the alarm so it is shoved under a pile of bedding so that it doesn't wake me at four every morning!
  • A chastened meerkat writes: brought the watch into work this morning and handed it plus instructions to the technically gifted friend at the next door desk. Aha! he says and within 25 seconds he'd set the correct time with right date and day. Respect, Codfather - you're obviously in the same category as my mate!
  • guys - i'm not the most technical person in the world but the RW watch is not rocket science!
    must confess I used it more for timing a friends interview presentation practises than I have for running in the last couple of weeks....
    such a lazy girl....
  • I'm with Tanglefoot on this. It's dead easy and if all else fails, follow the instructions! I find the most difficult thing about the watch is getting used to the colour but as it was a freebie I'm not complaining. I think I said somewhere else that it's a reverse GPS device as people will be able to find you in the fog with this bright blue thing on your wrist.
  • I got my RW watch to work by letting my kids, they're both in their 20's,to set it up for me,since they do alright with the video. Trouble now is, I can't read the time without my reading glasses and I don't tend to wear them whilst running.
    It would be helpful though if Runner's world included the setting details of the watch either in one month's mag or on-line so the instructions can be printed locally.
    Great little freebie though,not looking forward to the battery failing.
  • When I first got the watch - last week - and read the badly spelt instructions, I gave it a couple of go's and concluded that you had to be a member of Mensa to be able to set it. However, not one to give up, I went back and tried again (calmly, this time..) and lo and behold I have done it! Just got to get my bum into gear now to actually go running and use the thing!!!
  • Mine only lasted three weeks before packing in altogether. I found the instructions almost impossible but eventually figured them out with the aid of my 12 year old neighbour. I now use a Timex which is brill. I don't hold this against R.W which is the best mag. on the planet for runners.
  • The best thing about Accuroute is the CD case that comes with it! One of the worst bits of shareware I've ever tried!

    I know that the freebies that come with mag subscriptions need to be cheap, but there comes a point where it's anoying to see your subscription money being wasted!
  • Please can somebody help me!! After pressing every button on the RW watch in every permutation I now know how to stop and start the stopwatch. Only trouble is I've also now programmed in the once an hour, on the hour, long drawn out whine (either that or we have mice who are great timekeepers). Please can someone advise how to turn this off before my husband starts divorce proceedings???!
  • Wise Owl.

    Mine is the same. The hourly chime is definately switched off and yet every hour I get the same long beep. Can't deactivate it. I've never worn my watch and it now resides (quietly) in a box.
  • Boing

    Only seems like yesterday!

  • This is nothing to do with RW watch, but I have to say to FionaH that I like the radioactive ducks!
  • I've got mine to work, but can't turn off the hourly alarm. To turn the alarm off, press start and reset. Oh yes, the stopwatch randomly resets, going along and look at the watch, 0:31. Great!
  • bl**dy hell, Scotty!

    It's like Groundhog Day on this forum at the moment...

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